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5 tips to follow during shopping for Salwar kameez.

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1 5 tips to follow during shopping for Salwar kameez

2 A salwar Kameez is synonymous with elegance and grace. Worn by Indian women as formal attire, it has made its way into the Western fashion alleys as well, owing to the great designing techniques and startling fabric work. Leading the way, Salwar Kameez can be worn on wedding events as well as auspicious festivals where you need to look like a star and not some casual college-going chick. We tell you 5 tips to follow when you are on a hunt to shop for the perfect salwar kameez.:-

3 1 Be enthusiastic: Enthusiasm fuels the women to eye the best fabrics in a shorter time. Don’t think too much about the price or the quality. If you like the feel of it, just go for it. Thinking too much will let you down. If you’re running short of time, grab the best fabric range and stick to the colors that you find safe to wear for the occasion.

4 2 Plan small, reap Big: Just like any task that you wish to undertake on a regular basis, shopping for salwar kameez too requires elaborate planning. Most women make the mistake of buying the same fabric over and again and end up with nothing different to show off. Check out your wardrobe before going for shopping. This would allow you to make up mind as to which color and fabric you wish to experiment with the next time you shop. If you are planning for a small collection, more often than you will end up buying the best set of salwar kameez.

5 3 Estimate your price and budget: Create a mental invoice that will help you budget the shopping scale. If you like a particular collection, ensure that you have a price in the mind as well. Sometimes going over the board may not fetch you the look you desire for. There is a reverse trend as well. Shopping for a cheaper version can also mean that you have more options to buy. It can clash with the shopping budget that you have set aside for other stuffs like accessories and embellishments. Never buy anything that is 50 percent over or below your budget. You won’t be able to enjoy the occasion if you shop beyond your capacity.

6 4 Save against the headache: Stick to a limited screening of the salwar kameez collections. Looking at more than 20 sets can actually give you headaches. Colors, mirrors and embroidery sets have been known to cause heavy anxiety and dizziness. When you are running short of time, insist on shopping from a reputed online Indian saree showroom.

7 5 Follow fashion: Before you go for shopping have a look at the latest creation of prominent fashion designers. Well, you can also take a clue from Bollywood celebrities. Sonam Kapoor is the style diva, her Salwar Suits are a trendsetter. You can search for them in online stores as it is the easiest way to find the popular apparels, you can get them under the heading of Bollywood Salwar Kameez. You will find here Designer Salwar Kameez worn by B-town beauties in movies, parties and award functions.Bollywood Salwar Kameez


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