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INDIA RUSSIA our motto We are different but we are together.

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1 INDIA RUSSIA our motto We are different but we are together


3 My students are ages 10-15. We like to communicate with students from anywhere around the world. Its a good opportunity to use English in practice, because its a foreign language for us which is not so easy to learn without native speakers environment. We try to do our best to find friends and to become one community.





8 India is a nation with vast and ancient traditions. The country blossoms with colourful traditional dresses that various communities and tribes of different states wear. Indian clothing is extremely popular for its festive grace. Each region has its a unique and distinct dress for its men and women. Traditional Indian clothing for women are saris or the salwar kameez and also gaghra cholis. Women wear a sari, a long sheet of colorful cloth with patterns. This is drapped over a simple or fancy blouse. This worn by young ladies and women.


10 Kurta Pajama is loved by all Indian men. Its a long comfortable garment, worn with Pajamas, usually accompanied by embroidary. It is an informal dress in India, but can be made formal depending on the design. Kurta Pajamas are available in variety of cuts and colour. Indian men like to live comfortably. Generally famous mens traditional attire are kurta, lungis, dhotis and Pajamas. A sherwani is worn for special occasions.



13 Russian national costumes, like all clothes, have to protect the wearer from environmental conditions and should look nice. However, all costumes also have a social function. They show the wearers role in society, their rank or social status as well as other details such as marital status. Womens clothing consists of long-sleeved shirts. Her head is covered with a handkerchief. Women usually wear a single braid decorated with a head ribbon, hoop, or a crown (kokoshnik). Basic elements of menswear were: Swashbuckler, ports, headgear and footwear. Shirts were made of flax or marijuana resin canvas. The hem and cuffs were decorated with embroidery. A belt is the main element of the male costume. The main headgear was a hat. As footwear were bast shoes, made of straw.



16 Winter is the coldest season of the year. But Russians like it, they have a lot of fun. They can ski, skate, play snowballs and make a snowman. The greatest festivals in winter are a New Year Day, Christmas, Farewell Winter (Maslenitsa) – the holiday, which lasts for a week, to say good-bye to winter. During this holiday people celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People usually cook pancakes, have fires, burn straw figures of winter, sing and dance. The symbols of winter are Father Frost, Snowgirl and Snowflake.





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