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Regional Economies Create Differences

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1 Regional Economies Create Differences
Chapter 7 Section 1 Regional Economies Create Differences

2 Another Revolution Affects America
Eli Whitney created muskets with interchangeable parts Factory system made mass production possible The Industrial Revolution happened because of these changes in mass production

3 Great Britain starts a Revolution
Began in GB British merchants created factories When factories did well, owners built more to make more money

4 Industrial Revolution in the United States
Primary source of income- international trade Crops were shipped to GB Embargo Act of 1807 made Americans focus on domestic production

5 New England Industrializes
Samuel Slater- 1st mechanized textile factory in the U.S. but only produced thread Francis Cabot Lowell, Nathan Appleton, and Patrick Tracy Jackson Weaving factory in Waltha, Massachusetts with power machinery 1822- Appleton and Jackson build a larger place in town of Lowell Many young women traveled there because their families' farms weren't producing enough

6 Two Economic Systems Develop
North and South continue to develop differently Agriculture in North Started growing only what their family needing Old Northwest- realized that can grow 2 types of crops or livestock and sell the extra at markets Not much need for slaves on the small farms in the North By 1804 almost all Northern States had abolished slavery

7 Cotton is the King in the South
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin Allowed for short-staple cotton seeds to be cleaned from the machine easier Poor farmers claimed land and began picking cotton for a profit Plantation owners followed, and this inadvertently accelerated the expansion of slavery

8 Slavery Becomes Entrenched
Increase in cotton production and increase in number of slaves ,000 to 178,000 cotto bales per year Slaves ,000 to 1,200,000 ,000 additional Africans brought to America as slaves

9 Clay Proposes the American System
Plan to Unify different regions of the U.S. Developing transportation systems and other internal improvements Establishing a protective tariff Resurrecting the national bank Henry Clay promoted it as the American System

10 Erie Canal and Other Internal Improvements
1825- first steam locomotive Rods, canals, and railroads were very important for transportation and communication Turnpikes built, and paid for with toll 1811- Construction of National Road 1838- stretched from Maryland to Illinois Erie Canal stretched 363 miles, took 8 years to build Linked Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes

11 Tariffs and the National Bank
British goods sold below the cost of American goods Few people buy American goods Tariff of 1816 was made to tax British imports and promote American buying Second Bank of U.S. Would make a currency that would be accepted nationwide to ensure that everyone could do business

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