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Heat Transfer What do you know about heat transfer?

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1 Heat Transfer What do you know about heat transfer?

2 HEAT TRANSFER The transfer of ENERGY from one object to another.

3 Radiation The movement of energy through EMPTY SPACE

4 There are two other types of HEAT TRANSFER… Conduction Convection

5 CONDUCTION The direct transfer or movement of warmth and energy from one molecule to another molecule by collision.

6 CONDUCTION THERMAL ENERGY Heat moves through SOLIDS by conduction. There are actually VIBRATING MOLECULES that pass heat to other MOLECULES.

7 What is going to happen to the molecules?

8 CONVECTION Hot fluids rise because they are less dense than cold fluids which sink. – Where on/in Earth can you find convection currents?

9 CONVECTION Heat moves through GASES AND LIQUIDS (fluids) through convection. Heated MOLECULES move away from HEAT!!! Cooler molecules replace them and become HEATED too! When air is heated it ________. As it expands it becomes lighter and will ___________. Cooler air then sinks into its place. Warm air rises because it is less __________ dense expands rise

10 What’s happening in this picture?

11 Can you explain how each type of HEAT TRANSFER works using this picture?

12 The sun heats the atmosphere… How do you think the sun heats the atmosphere using each type of heat transfer? Radiation Conduction Convection Suns radiation travels through space. Suns energy reaches the Earth. Air molecules are heated by radiation. The suns energy reaches land/water. The water becomes heated by convection The land becomes heated by conduction.

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