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3 Types of Heat Transfer.

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1 3 Types of Heat Transfer

2 Heat Transfer- The movement of heat from a warmer object to a cooler object.

3 1. Conduction Heat transfer by direct contact of molecules.
In other words, when one molecule runs into another and it runs into another, etc. It can occur in a solid, liquid or a gas. Occurs best in a solid because the molecules are close together.

4 conduction

5 2. Convection Heat transfer by means of up and down movements called convection currents. Can occur only in a liquid or a gas

6 Convection currents Heated molecules do 2 things:
1. they expand (move apart), become less dense and then.. 2. they rise. Cooled molecules do the exact opposite: 1. they contract (get closer), become more dense and then… 2. they sink That is what makes a hot air balloon rise.

7 3. Radiation Heat transfer through open space. Occurs in a gas only.

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