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By: JOHN US. Branches. EXECUTIVE Enforces laws Enforces laws.

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1 by: JOHN US. Branches

2 EXECUTIVE Enforces laws Enforces laws

3 Terms, salary A president's term lasts four years, and a president is only allowed two terms. A president makes an allowance of four hundred thousand dollars, with the excuse of many extras.

4 Cabinet Secretary of state Secretary of justice Secretary of treasury Secretary of interior Secretary of defense Secretary of agriculture Secretary of health Secretary of labor Secretary of human services Secretary of commerce Secretary of transportation Secretary of housing urban Secretary of energy Secretary of education Secretary of veterans affairs Secretary of homeland security Vice president

5 Job Description for the President of the United States of America To enforce federal laws, treaties, and federal court rulings. To develop federal polices. To prepare the national budget. To appoint federal officials. Commander in Chief Head of the military

6 Fun Facts Teddy bears were named after Teddy Roosevelt. Some people make more money than the president. President Nixon was the first and only president to resign from the White House.

7 Qualifications. 35 years old! Must have lived in the U.S.A for 14 years. Must be a natural born citizen.

8 Legislative Makes laws

9 How a bill becomes a law The Senate or House writes a bill They vote on the bill The bill goes to the President The President approves = bill becomes a law The President vetoes = the process starts over

10 House of Representatives The number is based on population of the state 2 year terms Alabama has 7 representatives California has 53 representatives Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming have 1 representative Qualifications: (1) at least 25 years old (2) a U.S. citizen for at least 7 years (3) a resident of the state from which the candidate seeks election

11 JOB Description Make laws Approve appointments by the President (judges and Cabinet members)

12 Congress (bicameral = 2 houses) House of Representatives Senate

13 Supreme court The Supreme Court has nine members—a chief justice and eight associate justices.

14 JOB DISCRIPTION - Interpret the laws - Protect the rights and liberties of everybody - The Supreme Court has the power to decide whether a federal or state law or action by the President is constitutional.

15 Term length - Justices may remain in office for life - Justices are picked by the President and approved by the Senate

16 TA End OF STOWY Go home now!!!

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