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What are “checks and balances?”

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1 What are “checks and balances?”


3 Who Works There? Executive Branch The President Presidential Cabinet
Vice President of the United States Department of State Department of the Treasury Department of Defense Department of Justice Department of the Interior Department of Agriculture Department of Commerce Department of Labor Department of Health and Human Services Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of Transportation Department of Energy Department of Education Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Homeland Security

4 Who Works There? Judicial Branch The Supreme Court 9 Total Justices
1 Chief Justice No ties need a decision!

5 Who Works There? Legislative Branch The Senate
Equal Representation 2 Senators each State 100 total senators House of Representatives Proportionate Representation Based on population 435 total Congressman NJ has 12 Congressman

6 The Executive Branch Checks the Judicial Appoints Supreme Court Judges
The power to Pardon criminals Checks the Legislative Power to Veto Can propose a law Can call a special session of congress

7 The Judicial Branch Checks the Executive
Supreme Court Justices serve a life term Supreme Court can declare actions unconstitutional Checks the Legislative Supreme Court interprets the laws Supreme Court can declare new laws unconstitutional

8 The Legislative Branch
Checks the Judicial Congress confirms or denies new judges Congress can impeach judges Checks the Executive Congress can override a veto Congress can impeach a President Congress can confirm or deny Presidential appointments


10 Legislative Branch Job Description
Makes laws Can override a President's veto of a bill by 2/3 vote Can impeach (fire) a President or judge for misconduct Must approve presidents choice of judges Approves budget and treaties

11 Executive Branch Job Description
Makes treaties with other nations Carries out laws Vetoes Congress' bills  passes if he thinks they are wrong Appoints judges in the Judicial Branch for a life term Writes the budget

12 Judicial Branch Job Description
Interprets laws May decide that some laws that Congress makes or decisions that the President make are not right according to the Constitution.

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