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11/23/2015B.Ramamurthy1 Exam1 Review CSE111 B.Ramamurthy.

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1 11/23/2015B.Ramamurthy1 Exam1 Review CSE111 B.Ramamurthy

2 11/23/2015B.Ramamurthy2 Exam Date March 11, 2015 Please bring Pencils, pens and erasers. This is a closed book exam. No make up exam will be given.

3 11/23/2015B.Ramamurthy3 Topics Ch.1, Ch4. and Ch.7 Block diagram of a computer Basic elements of a web page HTML, CSS (No JS) Tags, style, attributes, values etc. heading sizes (h1, h2 etc.), color font-size, font-family img tag, Scaling (size) of an image Tags we discussed in class and those used in the labs List, table, ordered list, unordered list etc. Number system: digitizing data Decimal, binary, hexadecimal

4 11/23/2015B.Ramamurthy4 Format 5 questions 20(+/-5) points each; Each question may have many subsections. Designated seats: we are going seat in you in a specific place (you will learn about it when you come to the exam.)

5 How to study? Review class notes Powerpoint notes posted on ublearns Read the text book chapter 1,4,7 11/23/2015B.Ramamurthy5

6 Sample questions Computer hardware block diagram Simple page description to HTML page design Move global style specification to css: such as color Elements enabling a web page Number conversion: Decimal  binary Hexadecimal  Binary B.Ramamurthy6

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