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1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy1 Exam3 Review CSE111 B.Ramamurthy.

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1 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy1 Exam3 Review CSE111 B.Ramamurthy

2 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy2 Exam Date May 7, 2014, during lecture time 12-12.50 Please bring Pencils, pens and erasers. This is a closed book exam. No make up exam will be given. We are going to assign your seat for the exam. In other words, you have to sit at the location we indicate. These seats are almost the same as in exam 1.

3 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy3 Topics Ch.19, Ch.20 (ch.17, Ch.18) HTML components: document, form, table, button, textbox, div, radio button: Look survey (quiz) example and the grade example (with div) Function onlclick, onchange. Javascript: linking the script file Simple functions Variables If else statement For statement Javascript Functions parameters Return value Computations CSS style: for color, width, height;

4 Chapter 19: Programming Functions Fig.19.1, 19.2 Covert C2F/F2C Fig.19.5 Coin flip Fig. 19.7 BMI computation Know your random number generation NO memory bank Stop at page 610 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy4

5 Chapter 20:Loops For loop p.629-641 Count the “heads” and “tails” p.636 Arrays p.642-644 Grade example Image loading 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy5

6 Possible questions Write a HTML page with div and radio button Write a function with parameters Write a function with for loop Write a javascript that uses an array in a function 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy6

7 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy7 Format 5 questions 20(+/-5) points each; Each question may have many subsections. The exam is for 100 points.

8 How to study? Review class notes Powerpoint notes posted on ublearns Javascript functions from chapter 19, some of chapter 20 HTML as in chpaters 17-18: buttons, text, radio, div, colors etc. Exercises at the end of the chapter 1/25/2016B.Ramamurthy8

9 Sample questions Design html page Design Javascript function: using random number generation Step through javascript function HTML form components: button and textbox and other components B.Ramamurthy9

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