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Exam#2 Review CSE 486 B.Ramamurthy 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy.

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1 Exam#2 Review CSE 486 B.Ramamurthy 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy

2 Place and Time Date : THU 04/22/2010, Time: 5.00 – 6.20PM,
Place: 260 Capen Please bring 4 A4-size sheets of any information you may need. Pencils, pens and erasers. 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy

3 Topics Project 2: web services based design and implementation
Security : Needham-Schroeder, Kerberos (Chapter 7) Bluetooth protocol and applications Distributed file systems (Chapter 8) Grid computing: fusion collaboratory (read the paper) Large scale distributed systems: data-intensive computing, cloud computing, map reduce, Hadoop framework (class work and references) Peer-to-Peer computing (Chapter 10) Services in the presence of failure: WS-Membership and epidemic model (paper and references) 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy

4 Format 4 questions with multiple sub-sections:
Failure management in WS: Epidemic model by Werner Vogels Peer-to-peer Distributed systems Data-intensive computing Miscellaneous: DFS; Grid Computing; security; blue tooth; project questions 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy

5 Sample questions Sample Minor question: Sample major question:
What is the difference between a web service and grid service? Answer: state Sample major question: Design a solution for a “wordcount” problem using MapReduce. How is this different from the sequential version. 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy

6 Specific sections 7.1-7.4,7.6 (up to 7.6.3) 8.1-8.3 10.1-10.5
Fusions collaboratory paper: grid computing Consensus mode: WS-membership model: Epidemic model paper 11/13/2018 B.Ramamurthy

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