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Ms. Kunkel 5 th Grade Teacher Room 214 Welcome Back to School!

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1 Ms. Kunkel 5 th Grade Teacher Room 214 Welcome Back to School!

2 Homeroom 214 Lockers Attendance Morning announcements (clubs, band lessons, schedule, events, etc.) Distribution of important notices Contests/Incentives (Box Tops, can collections, etc.)

3 Team 5-Carnegie Mrs. McNeal (Principal) Ms. Warshaw (Counselor) Mrs. Chamma (Literacy) Mrs. Domenick (Science) Ms. Kunkel (Math) Mrs. Moy (Social Studies) Mrs. Sewell (Special Education)

4 The Basics Goals for the School Year: ● Responsibility and accountability ● Independence ● Positive attitude and respect toward others ● Decision making skills ● Academic and social growth Homework: ● 2 Points ● Assignment pad (Students are responsible for writing down homework assignments.) ● Available on teacher web pages (subject to change) Report Card: ● Academic grades (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, and Incomplete) ● Citizenship grades of 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 is highest) ● Parent Conferences: December 8th, 9th (night), and 10th ● Please sign up with your child’s homeroom teacher. Progress Reports: ● Mid-marking period progress reports displayed in Genesis Grading: Genesis Portal: Discipline: ●Teacher warning ●Teacher detention ●Parent communication ●Central detention ●Time Out

5 Team 5-Olmsted ● Frequent emails with updates ● Team webpage ● Team Calendar ● Important Documents ● Supply Lists ● Links to Teacher Webpages

6 Select HBW Click on Olmsted House

7 Individual Pages Select Team 5O Individual Pages

8 Things to Keep in Mind… ● Communication ● School Phone: (973) 571-6751 ● School Fax: (973) 571-6767 ● Email ● Extra Help: Depends on each teacher’s schedule ● Thank you for attending “Back to School Night” this evening. I am looking forward to a successful year with your child in my classes!

9 ● Text: enVision MATH Common Core Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley ● Learn and apply mathematical skills in real life settings ● Utilize math skills (looking for patterns, using pictures/diagrams/charts, checking work, effectively using time, finding other solutions, using a variety of methods, etc.) ● *Mastery of multiplication & division facts is crucial* ● PLEASE HELP PRACTICE AT HOME: ● Flashcards (Quiz each other!) ● Math Learning Games/Resources Math Learning Games/Resources ● Ask for facts randomly. Math Per. 1, 2, 4, & 5 Ms. Kunkel

10 ● Warm-Up ● HW Check and Review ● Lesson of the Day ● Notes ● Guided Practice ● Independent Practice (typically with whiteboards) ● Extra Help ● Frequent Emails with Math updates (typically once a week from me and once from our team coordinator) Math Per. 1, 2, 4, & 5 Ms. Kunkel

11 5th Grade Units ● Number and Operations in Base Ten ● Number and Operations- Fractions ● Operations in Algebraic Thinking ● Geometry ● Measurement and Data Homework: ● Packets per topic ● Homework board daily ● Webpage ● Student Planner- Most up to date Online Textbook ● Math Per. 1, 2, 4, & 5 Ms. Kunkel

12 ● 90% Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects) ● 10% Homework ● Complexity determines points ● Genesis automatically weighs assignments ● Homework=2 points ● One point deduction- incomplete ● Two point deduction-no completion/attempt or missing **No extra credit assignments will be given to any student. Opportunities to earn extra points on tests/quizzes are in the form of “bonus questions.” Not all tests/quizzes will have bonus questions. Math Grades

13 Homework Common Core Guide Links to games

14 8th Period- Every other day ● 5 Minute- Working Snack (Please see approved snack list) ● Warm-Up/Fast Facts ● Extension and Reinforcement of Math Class ● Group Work ● Centers ● Assessments ● “Activity Points”- Reflected in “regular” math class grade (“W” at the beginning of an item in Genesis will indicate a workshop activity) Math Workshop Per. 8 Ms. Kunkel

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