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World War I “MANIA”: Causes of the War

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1 World War I “MANIA”: Causes of the War
What events and actions led to the start of WWI? Why was WWI different than any war before it? How did world leaders react?

2 MANIA before the war Militarism—when a nation’s armed forces come to dominate a country’s national policy glorification of the military and war itself Alliances—treaties in which each nation involved pledges to defend the other if attacked by an aggressor (a military “buddy system”) Nationalism—pride and patriotism in one’s nation/country, often to an extreme Imperialism–domination by a country over the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region Assassination—planned killing/murder (in this case, of an important leader)

3 Militarism THE GOOD Having a large, strong army made citizens feel patriotic THE BAD When one nation is militaristic, its neighbors often do the same to protect their own people This fuels an arms race, creating tension MAJOR MILITARISTIC POWERS: Germany: build up of arms Untersee boats (U-Boats)

4 1910-1914 Increase in Defense Expenditures
Militarism Questions What causes militarism? What is its main purpose? caused by the desire to protect overseas colonies from other countries its purpose is to protect & defend Increase in Defense Expenditures France 10% Britain 13% Russia 39% Germany 73%

5 Militarism Questions What did the major countries do to prepare for both offense (attacking others) and defense (protecting themselves)? -increased stocks of arms -more modern weapons -built strategic railways

6 Alliances

7 European Alliances Triple Entente: Triple Alliance: Great Britain
Germany Austria-Hungary France Russia Italy


9 Alliances Questions What is the main purpose of an alliance?
purpose is to protect themselves from opposing armed forces

10 Alliances Questions What did the leaders of alliances in the late 1800s hope would happen? hoped no country would attack another, since it would provoke that country’s allies to fight as well

11 Alliances Questions Why do you think so many alliances were made? If there had been unrest in Europe, how would alliances help? alliances were made because Europe wanted peace & these were a way to keep countries from fighting

12 Alliances Questions In the Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907, there are some examples of why Great Britain and Russia allied despite the fact that they had been rivals. What are some of these examples? -they were greatly threatened by Germany -didn’t like Wilhelm II’s aggressiveness -Germany became a bigger enemy to Great Britain than Russia had been

13 Alliances Questions How were alliances a cause of WWI?
-alliances drew other countries into war when two countries began fighting -had been made secretly, causing suspicion -heightened war tension -Germany was surrounded

Imperialism THE GOOD Good for imperialistic powers, who were able to gain resources. THE BAD Nations subject to imperialism felt exploited and often powerless Caused rivalry among imperialist powers and mistrust in general MAJOR IMPERIAL POWERS: England Italy?

15 Imperialism Questions
What was the main purpose of imperialism? purpose was to expand empire as far as possible to become more powerful

16 Imperialism Questions
How might a country defend a colony/territory it controlled that was hundreds of thousands of miles away? it might need a large army it might need a large/fast navy

17 Imperialism Questions
What might happen with so many colonies/territories that were so close to possible enemies, such as in Africa? two countries might claim the same territory as their own fighting might easily break out

18 Imperialism Questions
What did colonial rivalry (similar to imperialism) lead to indirectly? What were the relationships among the powers like? -formation & strengthening of alliances -intense arms race -relationships hurt because all wanted the same things

19 Imperialism Questions
How did imperialism help cause WWI? each country wanted to be better than others each country wanted to keep its power


21 Nationalism THE GOOD Having a large, strong army made citizens feel patriotic THE BAD When one nation is militaristic, its neighbors often do the same to protect their own people This fuels an arms race, creating tension MAJOR MILITARISTIC POWERS: Germany: build up of arms Untersee boats (U-Boats)

22 Nationalism Questions
What is nationalism? What are the two different kinds of nationalism? nationalism is a strong devotion to a national group or culture 1) desire of subject people for independence 2) desire of independent nations for dominance & prestige

23 Nationalism Questions
What areas did France lose to Germany in 1871? How would you feel as a person who lived in that area? What would you do? Alsace-Lorraine was lost to Germany upset because I didn’t have a say in all of the sudden having a new government

24 Nationalism Questions
Which country had the largest overseas empire? Which kind of nationalism did this country have? Great Britain second kind, to keep dominance & prestige

25 Nationalism Questions
How was nationalism a cause of WWI? some areas had a lot of ethnic unrest & wanted their own countries ex: Serbia & Austria-Hungary

26 Assassination The “spark” that started WWI
On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist who believed that Bosnia should belong to Serbia The region this happened, called The Balkans, was considered a “powder keg” for tension: Dfda Dfeddf dfdfd

27 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie at Sarajevo, Bosnia, on June 28, 1914

28 Gavrilo Princip after his assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand


30 The Point of No Return Austria blamed Serbia for Ferdinand’s death and declared war on Serbia. Germany pledged their support for Austria -Hungary. Russia pledged their support for Serbia.

31 Germany declares war on Russia
France pledges their support for Russia Germany declares war on France Germany invades Belgium on the way to France Great Britain supports Belgium and declares war on Germany

32 Allied Powers: Central Powers: Germany Great Britain World War I Austria-Hungary France Ottoman Empire Russia Italy



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