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The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles.

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2 The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles

3 11 a.m., November 11, 1918 The Great War is Over...

4 But the problems are just beginning... 9,000,000 Dead But the problems are just beginning... 9,000,000 Dead

5 The Somme American Cemetery, France 116,516 Americans Died

6 World War I Casualties Even those men who lived were horribly scarred, crippled or emotionally destroyed. Name 6 problems a country that loses 9 million people in 3 years will face?

7 Serious Economic Problems ► Battles ruined crop land. Poisons left soil unfit to farm. ► Civilians died from starvation and disease ► Food Prices soared. ► Other Costs of the war reached $338 billion.

8 Percentage (%) increase in the cost of food from 1914 - 1919

9 Key Vocabulary ► A Treaty is a written agreement between countries in which they agree to do or not do particular things ► A League is a group of countries that have joined together for a particular purpose. ► Reparations are amounts of money paid by one country to another for damages caused during the war. ► Vengeance is harming a person or country because they have harmed you. ► Collective Security means that an attack on one country would be considered an attack on all countries. Therefore, an attacking country would be opposed by Every Other County, making attack too dangerous an option to consider. ► Disarmament is reducing the number of weapons and soldiers that a country has.


11 Who Really Wrote the Peace? Prime Minister Lloyd George of England Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy President Georges Clemenceau of France President Woodrow Wilson of the USA The Big Four

12 What Kind of a Peace Was It? ► A Peace of Justice  Leaders of the Allies and the Central Powers met together at the Palace of Versailles  President Wilson’s 14 Points supported self determination and called for a Peace Without Victory. ► Peace of Vengeance  Italy and Britain wanted more territory  France wanted to punish Germany.

13 In the End… ► loses all her colonies. ► loses the Saar Valley where all her best mines are for 15 years. ► loses the Alsace and Lorraine regions to France. ► citizens lose their property abroad. ► must disband all its armed forces. No army, navy or air force and no merchant marine. ► is charged $32 billion in war reparations which they must pay to the Allies. ► is blamed for the WHOLE war. They sign a Guilt Clause that claims they were responsible for all the deaths and losses and pain and suffering of the war. Germany…


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