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Let’s go shopping! Unit 4.

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1 Let’s go shopping! Unit 4

2 There + is AFFIRMATIVE:
There + is + a/an + singular countable noun+ comp. Example: There is a cat in the room. There is an apple in the bowl. NEGATIVE: There + is + not + a/an + SCN+ comp. isn’t There isn’t a cat in the room. There isn’t an apple in the bowl.  

3 There are students in the class. There are a few books on the table.
AFFIRMATIVE : Ø /a few Many / Some lots of No (2 ,3,4…) There + are PN+ comp. There are students in the class. There are a few books on the table. There are many brushes in the bathroom. There are a lot of buses. There are some toys in the box. There are six dictionaries on the shelf.

4 NEGATIVE : There + are + not + any + PN+ comp. aren’t
There aren’t any students in the class. There aren’t any books on the table. There aren’t any brushes in the bathroom.

5 Yes, / No, Question: ( There is … ) Is + there + a / an + SCN + comp
Is there a cat in the room? Is there an apple in the bowl? Yes , there is . No, there isn’t. ( is not ) Yes, / No, Question : ( There are … ) Are + there + any + PN + comp Are there any students in the class? Are there any books on the table? Yes , there are. No, there aren’t . (are not)

6 We use a little with uncountable nouns :
1 – Can you give me a little of milk. 2 – She eats a little. We use a lot & lots of with both countable and uncountable nouns : 1 – There’s a lot of rice. 2 – I’ve got lots of invitations this weekend. A lot & lots of can be used in question and negatives: 1 – Are there lots of children in the playground? 2 – There isn’t a lot of coffee.

7 SOME We use "some" in positive sentences. Example: I have some friends in London. We use "some" in questions when offering or requesting something. Example: Would you like some bread? (offer) Could I have some water? (request) ANY We use "any" in negative sentences or questions. Examples: He doesn't have any friends in Chicago. Do you have any cheese?

8 Some + words We use "some" words - somebody, someone, somewhere and something – in positive sentences. Example: He lives somewhere near here. Any + words We use "any" words - anybody, anyone, anywhere and anything – in negative sentences or questions. Example: She doesn't have anywhere to go. Do you know anything about that girl?

9 A An Indefinite Articles (c) A grasshopper is an insect. same meaning
a and an are articles

10 NOUN + IS + Articles + NOUN: SINGULAR
a chair a woman a school a lion a bed a man A in front of consonants an elevator an avocado an egg an umbrella an oven an ice cream An in front of vowels

11 We use “a” or “an” in three ways :
1 – With professions : a) I’m a doctor. b) She’s an engineer. 2 – With some expressions of quantity: a) He has a few books to read. b) There is a little of milk in the fridge. 3 – In exclamations with What + a count noun : a) What a lovely day! b) What a beautiful party!

12 Definite Article “ the “
1 – We use the with singular and plural, and when we know that the listener knows or can work out what particular person/thing you are talking about. a) The apple you ate was rotten b) Did you lock the car? c) She's got two children; a girl and a boy. The girl's eight and the boy's fourteen.”

13 2 - We also use the before certain nouns, such as seas, rivers, hotels, musems etc… a) I visited the musem in the weekend. 3 – When we know there is only one of something, such as the rain, the sun, the wind, the world, the earth, the White House etc... a) The sun rises at 7 am. 4 – With superlative and adjectives : a ) Reem is the tallest one in the class.

14 No Article There is no article :-
1 – before plural and uncountable nouns when talking about things in general. a) He loves bananas. b) Drinking water is good for you . 2 – before countries, towns, streets, languages, magazines, meals, airport, stations, mountains. a) I had dinner with my family. b) There is a big shopping center in king Abdullah street.

15 3 – before some places and forms of transport.
at home - in/to bed - at/to work - at/to school / university by bus - by plane - by car - by train - on foot I go to school by bus. 4 – In exclamations with What + an uncountable noun. a) What beautiful weather!

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