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Earth’s Changing Environment Lecture 15 Energy Conservation.

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1 Earth’s Changing Environment Lecture 15 Energy Conservation

2 Reducing fossil fuel consumption alleviates environmental problems Conserve fossil fuel resources Reduce air pollution Reduce CO2 emissions Reduce extraction impacts Reduce use of water and other resources.

3 How do we use energy in the US?

4 US Energy Consumption: Fuel (97 Quad) Oil40% Natural Gas22% Coal23% Nuclear8% Renewable7%

5 US Energy Consumption: End Use (97 Quad) Residential22% Commercial18% Industrial33% Transportation27%

6 US Residential Energy Consumption (21 Quad) Electricity67% Natural Gas21% Oil7%

7 US Commercial Energy Consumption (17 Quad) Electricity76% Natural Gas18% Oil4%

8 US Industrial Energy Consumption (32 Quad) Electricity33% Natural Gas23% Oil28%

9 US Transportation Energy (27 Quad) Oil100%

10 US Electricity Generation (38 Quad) Coal52% Nuclear21% Gas15% Renewable10%

11 US Oil Consumption (39 Quad) Transportation Light Duty 41% Transportation Other 28% Industrial23% Residential4%

12 US Natural Gas Consumption (22 Quad) Industrial35% Electricity26% Residential24% Commercial15%

13 US Coal Consumption (22 Quad) Electricity90% Industrial10%

14 Ways to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Increase energy efficiency. Use renewable energy. Alter lifestyle to lower energy needs.

15 Energy Conservation Usually means reducing use of fossil fuel energy through lifestyle changes or increased energy efficiency.

16 Lifestyle Changes Public Transportation Active Lifestyle Smart Growth Climate Sensitive Architecture Recycling

17 Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency = Useful Energy Output / Energy Input

18 We will consider five energy conservation areas Electric Power Generation Electric Lighting Space Heating and Cooling Transportation Recycling

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