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Unit II Vocabulary Basic History Terms.

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1 Unit II Vocabulary Basic History Terms

2 primary source In your own words.. Definition
A first hand or original account of an event. primary source Example… 1) autobiography 2) diary 3) Non-example An encyclopedia A textbook

3 secondary source Definition
An account of a historical event by someone who did not actually witness the event. In your own words… secondary source Example… 1) textbook 2) biography 3) Non-example An eyewitness A diary

4 Definition How your opinions and the way you feel affect the way you see an event. In your own words bias Example How you view a fight between your friend and your enemy. Non-example None

5 chronology Definition the order in which a series of events occurs.
In your own words… chronology Example… 1) WWI  Great Depression WWII 2) Non-example Important dates 1776, 1492, 1865, 1962

6 decade Definition In your own words Example Non-example
A period of 10 years In your own words decade Example The 60’s The 90’s Non-example The 1800’s The 20th century

7 century Definition In your own words Examples Non-example
A period of 100 years In your own words century Examples The 1900’s The 20th Century Non-example The 1990’s The 1980’s

8 prehistoric Definition… The time period before written word.
In your own words prehistoric Examples… 1) When dinosaurs roamed the earth. 2) Caveman times 3) Non-example 1) Anything after 1492 in the New World

9 evolve Definition In your own words Example:
To develop and improve. In your own words evolve Example: The prehistoric hunting tools evolved from spear to bow and arrow.

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