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National and Regional Growth

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1 National and Regional Growth 1800-1844
Chapter 11 National and Regional Growth

2 Early Industry and Inventions

3 Early Industry and Inventions
What is the Industrial Revolution? The name given to the time period when large-scale manufacturing replaced farming as the main form of work.

4 Spinning Jenny Spinning Wheel

5 Power Loom Hand Loom

6 Early Industry and inventions
Life as a Farmer Life as a Factory Worker Work hours determined by the rising and setting of the sun. Income was spotty and seasonal. Work determined by a clock. Income steady, usually paid by the hour.

7 Early industry and inventions
Why was the New England region a good place for factories? Many fast-moving rivers to power factories Ships and access to the ocean to transport goods Willing labor force – families tired of trying to make a living by farming First factory built by Samuel Slater in Pawtucket, Rhode Island First employees were children aged 7-12 Later employed whole families

8 Early industry and inventions
Francis Cabot Lowell built factories to manufacture cloth in America in His factory spun cotton into thread and wove thread into cloth. So successful, Lowell and his partners built the factory town of Lowell in Massachusetts. The Lowell mills employed girls who moved from their family farms to the cities.

9 Early industry and inventions
The Lowell mills and other factories changed with the invention of the steam engine, which used coal and wood to produce energy.

10 Early industry and inventions

11 Robert Fulton and his steamship, The Clermont
Your textbook got this one completely wrong. Shreve improved the steamship by mounting a larger paddle on the back and making a more powerful engine.

12 The real inventor of the steam boat
John Fitch was the REAL inventor of the American steamboat. His boat, the Perseverance, successfully traveled the Delaware River in August 1787.

13 Samuel F. B. Morse and his invention, the telegraph machine


15 Plow ideal for rich, heavy Midwestern soil.
Blacksmith John Deere invented lightweight plow with steel cutting edge. Plow ideal for rich, heavy Midwestern soil. More farmers moved to the Midwest.

16 Other inventions that improved agriculture are:
Mechanical reaper Threshing machine Cut ripe grain Separated kernels of wheat from husks

17 In summary….. New technologies : Linked regions
Made regional differences more obvious New farming inventions: Created Midwestern farmers that grew food to feed Northeastern factory workers. Midwestern farmers became a market for Northeastern manufactured goods.

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