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G-scan Manual Update 2009. 02 GDS Management Team.

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1 G-scan Manual Update GDS Management Team

2 Manual Update File Download -1
1. Open Internet Explorer then type in the URL then click “GO” button. 2. Page above will be shown. * File description 1) <- File name will vary depending on the version. - Consists of all data from E-H-0001 version to latest version available. 2) G-scan_Manual_Update_ENG.ppt - Manual describing how to install “Manual Update file” using PC Utility program. 3) PC Utility.pdf - PC Utility manual 4) PC_Utility_Viewer_Manual_ENG.ppt - Manual for Data Viewer embedded in PC Utility program.

3 Manual Update File Download - 2
3. Download the latest data ZIP file by clicking the file link. 4. Save the file to a desired directory, then click “SAVE”. (Caution) Know where you are saving the file!!

4 4. Click on “Start Update" button.
Manual Update - 1 Remove the SD card from G-scan then connect to PC using the supplied SD card reader. Please insert the supplied CD in to the CD/DVD-ROM. Double click on “G-scan Util” Icon on the Desktop back ground. 4. Click on “Start Update" button.

5 5. Click on the “Manual Update” button.

6 Manual Update - 3 5. As shown, file selection for the update
Will be displayed. 6. Select pre-downloaded files for Manual Update from its saved location, the hard drive and folder directory. 7. After selecting the zip file, press the “OK” button.

7 Manual Update - 4 8. Update file will be downloaded.
9. The SD card will be updated after when the download is completed. (This will take 5-10minutes depending on the system specification of the PC.)

8 Manual Update - 5 10. The manual update has been
Completed successfully. 11. Close the “G-scanUtil” program, then replace the SD card back to G-scan from PC device.

Download ppt "G-scan Manual Update 2009. 02 GDS Management Team."

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