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Welcome to the Milagrow Universe

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1 Welcome to the Milagrow Universe

2 How to download & Install Android 4.0.4 (ICS) on TabTop7.4

3 Step 0 Please take the backup of all your important data before installing Android on your TabTop, otherwise you may lose your important data such as documents, videos, pictures etc. Connect Usb cable to the TabTop & then click on "USB Connected"

4 Step 0 Then click on "Turn on USB storage"

5 Step 0 Now system will show the following window . Click on "Open folder to view files"

6 Step 0 Now copy and save your data from TabTop drive to any other external storage device or your computer hard disk.

7 Step 1 Go to

8 Step 2.1 Then click on upgrade

9 Step 2.2 Download the image file on your computer

10 Step 2.3 Download the update tool on your computer

11 Step 2.4 Click on TabTop-7.4 Update Tool and Instruction Guide

12 Step 2.5 Save file on your desktop

13 Step 2.6 Wait for the download to start

14 Step 2.7 Wait till download is completed

15 Step 3.1 Open the folder where the file is saved

16 Step 3.2 Extract the files of the update tool on your desktop

17 Step 3.3 Then go inside the extracted files and double click on the LiveSuitPack_version1.06_ Select Yes to let the program make the changes to your computer Double Click LiveSuitPack_version_1.07_ Double Click on LiveSuit.exe file.

18 Step 4.1 A window will open up welcoming you to Live Suit. Select Yes

19 Step 4.2 Then select "format"

20 Step 4.3 Select Next.

21 Step 4.4 Select Yes for new image file from your desktop an open it

22 Step 4.5 Open “Milagrow”

23 Step 4.6 Now click on Finish

24 Step 5.1 Installing Android 4.0.4 on the TabTop 7.4
Now power off your TabTop 7.4 completely. Put USB cable in the TabTop, while keeping the back button of the TabTop pressed. Then connect the other end of the USB wire to your computer.

25 Step 5.2 A window of live suit will open up on your desktop

26 Step 5.3 Select Yes on the desktop and then select "format upgrade" (This is the one which is not marked as recommended option. So be careful in the selection) Then again press YES

27 Step 5.4 Wait till the process ends

28 Step 5.5 Now the window should show update success.

29 Step 6 Remove the USB cable and then power on the TabTop 7.4
The Tabtop will show the message – "Make yourself at home." Select okay. Leave the TabTop 7.4 alone for 15 minutes. Slowly all the applications will configure in the new firmware Now your TabTop 7.4 is ready to use with the Android 4.0.4

30 Thank You

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