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Women Fight for Equality

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1 Women Fight for Equality
Chapter 23, Section 2 Notes

2 Objectives Identify factors that led to the rise of the women’s movement in the 1960s Describe some of the early gains and losses of the women’s movement Summarize the legacy of the women’s movement in employment, education, and politics

3 Main Idea and Terms/Names
Through protests and marches, women confronted social and economic barriers in American society. Betty Friedan Feminism NOW Gloria Steinem ERA Phyllis Schlafly

4 Is this all? In 1957, Betty Friedan wrote the Feminine Mystique
Described a sense of dissatisfaction with being a housewife Ignited “second wave of feminism” Feminism – belief that women should have economic, political, and social equality with men

5 Women’s Movement The workplace – women were shut out of “men’s work”
Took clerical jobs, domestic service, social work, teaching, and nursing Did not pay well JFK appointed a Commission to study the status of women in 1961 Women paid less for same work Women seldom promoted

6 Movement’s Gains and Losses
Women’s movement gained strength after civil rights movement Civil Rights Act of Prohibited discrimination NOW – National Organization for Women Pursue women’s goals including child-care and ending discrimination in hiring

7 Movement’s Gains and Losses
New York Radical Women Staged a demonstration at the Miss America Pagaent – tossed bras, wigs, etc. Gloria Steinem – journalist and political activist Helped found National Women’s Political Caucus – encourage women to run for political office Created Ms. Magazine – treated issues with a feminist perspective

8 Movement’s Gains and Losses
Legal Changes 1972 Higher Education Act – banned gender discrimination in education Roe v. Wade – Supreme Court Decision Women have the right to choose an abortion Supported by NOW

9 Movement’s Gains and Losses
Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) – called for equal protection under law Passed Congress in 1972 Needed to pass 38 states too A stop-ERA campaign was launched Phyllis Schlafly and conservative religious groups opposed the ERA New Right emerges to combat the ERA and abortion supporters Pro-family coalition

10 Movement’s Gains and Losses
ERA only passed 35 of 38 states before the deadline Defeated! Glass Ceiling – women still can’t reach highest positions Despite the defeat of the ERA, women’s attitudes towards careers and family were changed Expanded career opportunities for women

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