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The Enlightenment.

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1 The Enlightenment

2 Enlightenment (Age of Reason)
Enlightenment thinkers believed that human progress was possible through: the application of scientific knowledge & reason to the issues of law & government

3 Enlightenment (Age of Reason)
The Enlightenment: Applied reason to the human world, not just natural world Stimulated religious tolerance Fueled democratic revolutions around the world

4 Enlightenment Thinkers & Ideas
Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Humans exist in a primitive “state of nature” Humans consent to government for self-protection The state must have central authority to manage behavior

5 Enlightenment Thinkers & Ideas
John Locke Two Treatises on Government People are sovereign Monarchs are not chosen by God (“divine right”) Social Contract Consent to government for protection of natural rights to life, liberty & property

6 Enlightenment Thinkers & Ideas
Montesquieu The Spirit of Laws The best form of government includes a separation of powers

7 Enlightenment Thinkers & Ideas
Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract Government is a contract between the rulers & the people

8 Enlightenment Thinkers & Ideas
Voltaire Religious toleration should triumph over religious fanaticism Separation of church & state

9 Influence of the Enlightenment
Political philosophies of the Enlightenment fueled revolutions in the Americas & France Enlightenment ideas influenced: Declaration of Independence (T. Jefferson) US Constitution Bill of Rights

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