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BTEC Assessment Higher Education Academy June 13 th 2008 Higher Nationals looking forward.

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1 BTEC Assessment Higher Education Academy June 13 th 2008 Higher Nationals looking forward

2 BTEC Assessment 2 Overview of Higher National provision Provision under the Licence Agreement Provision outside the Licence in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland International provision

3 BTEC Assessment 3 Licensed provision 55 universities have signed the revised Licence Agreement (June 2007) The majority have active HN provision Universities can validate institutional versions of HNs Largest number of registrations at Glamorgan, Teesside, Birmingham City, Greenwich, Salford Most licensed provision via collaborative partner colleges

4 BTEC Assessment 4 Non-licensed provision in UK and Ireland Largely NQF higher Nationals but also Customised programmes Provision in FECs in England (HEFCE), Wales (HEFCW), Northern Ireland (DELNI) and Republic of Ireland Growth in private/independent colleges Some employer centres

5 BTEC Assessment 5 International provision Higher Nationals are the biggest component of our International vocational provision The market is growing rapidly Higher Nationals are offered principally in China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, UAR, Oman, South Africa, Greece and Spain Most registrations in India

6 BTEC Assessment 6 Registrations 2007/8 (to date) Current UK and Ireland HN figure is 31,000+ A total of 25 licensed institutions have reported increased registrations International HN registrations currently 18,000 and growing The 10 year UK/Ireland HN registration decline has stabilised this year

7 BTEC Assessment 7 New model Higher Nationals Will be QCF accredited (NQF ends in 2010) Will retain existing NQF assessment and grading arrangements Will carry an overall grade Will be closely integrated with a revised Continuing Professional Development Framework of shorter courses, including the option of an award at level 4 60% of units at H2 level (currently 50%)

8 BTEC Assessment 8 New model Higher Nationals HND at 240 credits (as currently) HNC at 120 credits (from the current 150) HNA at 60 credits All to be at Level 5 on the QCF HND to be at Level 5 on the FHEQ

9 BTEC Assessment 9 New model Higher Nationals Due to QCF titling protocols, we are obliged to use the following: Edexcel Level 5 BTEC HND Diploma Edexcel Level 5 BTEC HNC Diploma Edexcel Level 5 BTEC HNA Diploma

10 BTEC Assessment 10 Timescale Current NQF HNs extended until August 2009 New QCF HNs available 2009/10 Transition arrangements for Edexcel Licence centres

11 BTEC Assessment 11 Fd relationship Several HEIs already embed HNCs in their Fd programmes as fallback awards Most numerous example is University of Plymouth and their collaborative partner FECs (more than 30 pathways) Edexcel developing a FdAP Licence so that any FECs ultimately gaining FdAP will be able to validate their own HNs

12 BTEC Assessment 12 Finally…….. We will be making a clearer distinction between the work related nature of HNs and the work based requirements of Fds The HN is still very much alive, despite 7 years of governmental support and preferential funding for Fds!

13 BTEC Assessment 13 Ian Fleming, HE Manager 020 7190 4944 /

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