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Una Bennett, Head of MIAP 17 th March 2010 Update to UCAS/MIAP Consultation Event.

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1 Una Bennett, Head of MIAP 17 th March 2010 Update to UCAS/MIAP Consultation Event

2 2 What is MIAP? A partnership: 42 education bodies in UK across the whole sector Dedicated to improving information sharing in Education in UK A mission: Collect Once, Use Many Times, Use by All Was an IT Programme, now an organisation Sponsored by BIS and DCSF Becoming part of Skills Funding Agency Governed by a Service Management Board, overseen by a Customer Scrutiny Board A set of Common Data Definitions A set of shared services, operated by Logica in contract with LSC For more information see

3 MIAP Internet Services MIAP Shared Service Security Perimeter Personal Learning Record Learner Register (ULN) Provider Register (UKPRN) Common Data Definitions (CDD) Learning and Achievement Data Learners Education Institutions UCAS Awarding Bodies HEIs Others Colleges Schools Access enabled by MIAP, data sharing determined by Learner HESA Employers

4 LRS launched in Feb 2008 (after early adopter phase) Nearly 8.8 million learners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland now have a ULN ULN can be allocated to every person in education in UK above age 12 Nearly 5,400 organisations – Learner Registration Bodies – using the LRS to identify ULNs for their students. These include schools, colleges, universities, training providers and awarding organisations. Many awarding organisations, including the big 5, are now using the ULN as a candidate identifier - over 3M verification transactions last summer Learner Registration Service There is now a critical mass of ULNs within the education sector

5 UK Register of Learning Providers Register of learning providers as legal entities, launched in August 2005 Over 22,000 providers registered in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland Provider verification – must be either: o A statutory provider (such as a school, college or university), or o A registered company, or o A registered charity Links to Ofsted, UCAS, National Learning Directory, Edubase, DCSF The UKPRN is the identifier of choice for 14+ Learning Providers

6 Currently displays data from academic years 2007/08 onwards Schools data at key stage 4 & 5 (GCSE, A/S Level and GNVQs) is shown ILR data from LSC is shown Data challenge function for Providers and Learners Information will be available 3-4 months after date of award because of current data collection cycles Restricted access to sensitive data (e.g. offenders, military personnel, VIPs) 100 Providers and their learners acting as early adopters of the Personal Learning Record Personal Learning Record Service Over 5.1 million Personal Learning Records contain participation and achievement data

7 MIAPs priorities for financial year 2010/11 As agreed with MIAPs Customer Scrutiny Board Improve the effectiveness of administering ULNs Roll-out and review the Personal Learning Record Manage integration with QCF Service Layer Support HE piloting of MIAP Services Support Diploma roll-out and the Schools ULN Provisioning Service Build capacity and manage the transition to a service-based organisation Explore opportunities to share services

8 MIAP in Higher Education Story so far A MIAP Higher Education Advisory Group (HEAG) was formed in 2008, chaired by Bob Burgess A strategic outline business case was developed and agreed by the HEAG in April 2009. This advocated small scale pilots to test the benefits claimed in the Business Case. HEFCE and JISC are sponsoring the pilots, and contributing funds. Very good interest from the HE sector in these pilots.

9 The Drivers for Adoption in HE Potential Benefits for Learners: Access to qualifications and achievement data held about them Link to qualifications data held by HEIs and/or the HEAR Secure access to the PLR in their control Streamlining of on-line applications Better course and careers advice Potential Benefits for HEIs: [Ultimately] fewer identifiers Easier reporting and data sharing between learning providers and Agencies Greater personalisation of services Easier collaboration across learning partnerships UCAS results processing with ULN providing verified qualifications on entry from PLR data Reduction in the need to validate qualifications and achievements Better access to data for student monitoring and to support decision making Tracking progression from schools into HE and beyond Access to destination data Improved identity verification Potential Benefits for Agencies/Govt: Reduced burden of data sharing Better longitudinal analyses Trust and security Potential Benefits include... Potential Benefits for Employers: Access to verified qualifications data held in the PLR, controlled by the learner The HE Pilot will evaluate the Benefits and dis-Benefits in Case Studies

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