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2 PARTIES IN THE USA (POLITICAL PARTIES THAT IS!!) Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republicans Alexander Hamilton Federalists

3 WHO WERE THEY?? FEDERALISTS Merchants, Bankers, manufacturers, New England Alexander Hamilton John Adams DEMOCRATIC- REPUBLICANS Farmers, South and west Thomas Jefferson James Madison future-depended-on-it /

4 GOVERNMENT FEDERALISTS Wanted a powerful central government Power to tax & declare war Power to control commerce (business) Power to make treaties Loose interpretation of Constitution DEMOCRATIC- REPUBLICANS Wanted a weaker central government More power to states Strict interpretation of Consitution

5 FOREIGN POLICY FEDERALISTS Did not support the French Revolution Neutrality Liked the British as allies Supported Jay’s Treaty DEMOCRATIC- REPUBLICANS Supported the French Revolution Did not like the British Opposed Jay’s Treaty opportunities/classroom-resources/

6 ECONOMICS FEDERALISTS Central Bank Pay state debts Protect American manufacturing DEMOCRATIC- REPUBLICANS Felt Central Bank was unconstitutional States that had paid their debts unhappy Agricultural states not happy http:// on-october-13-1792-the Assumption Bill--1790

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