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Presidential Election of 1800 assignment

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1 Presidential Election of 1800 assignment
You are the campaign manager for one of the political parties. Design a poster or pamphlet (8 ½ x 11 paper or a trifold) for your candidate summarizing the parties view on an important topic of the time. Include a slogan/theme/illustration/symbol. You may use your supplies 1. Foreign Policy (France and Britain) 2. Alien & Sedition Acts 3. View of Tariffs 4. Size & power of the central government 5. Goals/Vision for America Use the following slides for differences in the parties Choose one: Federalist (Adams) Democratic- Republican (Jefferson)

2 The First Political Parties
Federalists: Formed by Hamilton and friends. The party name Reflected their belief in a STRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT of the federal system Reflected the nations growing trade & cities. Attracted northern merchants & manufacturers. Federalists = belief in a STRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT

3 The First Political Parties
Democratic – Republicans: ( roots are Anti-Federalist, Ch.8) Founded by Jefferson & Madison. reflected their strong belief in democracy & the republican system (STATES’ RIGHTS) Reflected a rural nation of farmers. Attracted farmers & workers . Democratic – Republicans = BELIEF IN STATES’ RIGHTS)

4 The Birth of Political Parties
Jefferson (Democratic- Republicans) Hamilton & John Adams (Federalists) Interpretation of the Constitution? Loose / flexible Elastic Clause (allow govt to do what is needed) Strict / gov’t can only do what is listed Vision of the Economy? Based upon trade & manufacturing Based upon farming Supported lower classes & Policies that helped their opportunities Supported upper classes & policies that helped their economics Favors which social class? Support France or Britain France – its causes for liberty Great Britain – U.S. top trade partner

5 Americans divided late 1790s (p. 328-329)
Democratic- Republicans Federalist Tariffs Favored – helped U.S. Manufacturing; raised revenues Opposed; hurt competition & hurt consumers Paying off state debts Favored – helped the states & good credit Opposed – not feds job; not fair to states that had paid Favored – economic need Opposed – distrusted; not feds job National bank Opposed, seen as unfair Whiskey tax (p.321) Favored - raised revenues Favored/limit criticism Opposed, limited free speech/press Alien & Sedition Acts Opposed – hurt trade w/Britain French Revolution Supported its causes

6 Very first campaign banner in 1800

7 An early campaign poster

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