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Federalists vs. Democratic Republicans

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1 Federalists vs. Democratic Republicans
By Mr. Linder

2 Federalists – Leaders:
Alexander Hamilton – George Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury

3 Federalist Beliefs: Strong National Bank – to handle Nations Debts.
Protective Tariff to protect American manufacturing. Help the British because we trade with them a lot and they help our economy.

4 Federalist Beliefs – Continued:
We need a strong federal government – it worked well for Britian. Loose Interpretation of the Consitution to help with the power of the Federal Gov. Rule by the rich – because others don’t understand the complexity of Government and have no “skin” in the game.

5 Democratic Republican Leader – Thomas Jefferson
George Washington’s Secretary of State.

6 Democratic Republicans – Beliefs:
No National Bank – This would only benefit the rich. No tariffs – this helps with free trade and lower prices. Help the French – they helped us during the Revolutionary War!

7 Democratic Republicans Beliefs – Cont.
Weak Central Government – A strong central government will endanger people’s freedom! Strict Interpretation of the Constitution – limit the power of the Federal Gov. People should participate in government rather than rule by the rich and the few.

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