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International Students & Immigration

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1 International Students & Immigration

2 Contents Immigration Advice at King’s
Entry Clearance & Correction Scheme Police Registration Extending your stay and using the College Batch Scheme Travelling outside the UK Working Quiz!!

3 Seeking Advice Student Advisers…
ONLY named College immigration advisers Receive official and regular training Advice is regulated by the government We also run workshops and provide information via our web pages:

4 Entry Clearance Compulsory for all non-EEA/Swiss nationals to secure entry clearance before coming to the UK if the first course that they intend to study lasts 6 months or more. (So I hope you all have it!!) Visa should be issued for study at King’s Cannot extend your stay in the UK if you didn’t obtain Entry Clearance If you came to the UK without Entry Clearance, or are here with permission to stay in a category other than Tier 4 or “Student”, speak to a Student Adviser. Cannot study if here as a Visitor!

5 Tier 4 Entry Clearance Lengths of leave:
Student on degree courses: should receive leave for the length of their course, plus an additional four months, with permission to work Students on courses longer than 6 months but less than one year should receive two additional months after the course Students on short courses: should receive the length of the course plus 7 days

6 Entry Clearance Correction Scheme
A free service! Used to correct any mistakes made on your entry clearance stamp (e.g. end date/working conditions) Coordinated by the Student Advice and International Student Support team Contact us if you think you have been given the incorrect length of leave or you have been incorrectly prohibited from working/limited to 10 hours per week but studying at degree level Cannot be amended if due to incorrect course dates on the CAS

7 Entry Through Ireland No border controls between the UK and Ireland/Isle of Man/Channel Islands, so... If you entered the UK via one of these your visa will not have been activated. This means: No record you are here! You are legally here as a tourist of the country/territory through which you entered. No easy solution – will need to leave the UK and re-enter to get your passport stamped correctly Can get a letter from a Student Adviser to show to immigration Contact us for further assistance

8 Police Registration “Relevant foreign nationals” entering the UK for more than 6 months are required to register with the police Your visa should state that you are required to register Registration / registering of change of circumstances (e.g. new address/extension of student leave/new passport) must be done within 7 days £34.00 fee. Take evidence of student status just in case. Register at the Overseas Visitors Records Office - Borough

9 Extending Your Student Visa
If you have entered with Entry Clearance it is possible to apply for an extension as a student from within the UK. Can apply in person (quicker but more expensive) or by post Extending your visa can be a complicated process. Ensure you start preparing your application at least 2 months before your leave is due to expire ALWAYS read all the guidance carefully If your application is late or if there are documents missing it will be refused Contact a Student Adviser for assistance, and look out for our presentations on extending your student visa

10 The College Batch Scheme
We can send your documents to the UK Border Agency on your behalf provided: You submit them to us well before your visa expires You pay using a postal order Your application is complete with no missing documents You agree to all the conditions of the Student Batch Scheme For further information see

11 What documents do I need?
A CAS from King’s. Check all info is correct! Any documents mentioned in the CAS (e.g. degree certificate) If you have previously been financially sponsored – a letter from you sponsor giving permission for the application Your ATAS certificate (if applicable) – you must apply for this in advance! Can take several weeks. Your Police Registration certificate (if applicable), updated Don’t forget your passport, payment and photos! Financial evidence – read the guidance carefully as rules very strict!

12 Students with Dependants
Your dependants (spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner and children) should have the same length of leave as you. Possible to correct this if wrong Dependants should be allowed to work – work unlimited! Can extend their leave in the UK but cannot switch status, e.g. if they want to obtain a Tier 2 visa/Tier 4 visa in their own right Only students on PG courses of 1 year or more and government-sponsored students are allowed to bring dependants

13 If you are not sure about the rules, ask a Student Adviser!
Do not break the rules! Immigration rules are very strict. If you break the rules you may be barred from returning to the UK for up to 10 years. This applies if you: Overstay in the UK beyond your visa expiry date Use deception in an application (for example, submitting false documents or lying about your intentions in the UK) Breach the working conditions of your visa (e.g. working for more than 20 hours a week or as a self-employed person) If you are not sure about the rules, ask a Student Adviser!

14 Changes to your studies
Immigration rules regarding students are very strict. If you are here as a student you should be: Studying full-time Attending your course Studying at the institution for which you obtained your visa If your situation changes, for example if you change course or defer your course, you should contact a Student Adviser as this may affect your immigration status. If you want to change your institution this will have implications on your immigration permission, so contact a Student Adviser first for advice before taking any action.

15 Changing Institution If you have a Tier 4 Student visa this will have been issued for study at a particular institution. If you applied for your current visa after 5th October 2009 you cannot study at a different institution until you have submitted an application for a new visa. Some institutions will not allow you to enrol until you have obtained your new visa. If you applied for your current visa before 5th October 2009 and want to change institution you must apply to the UK Border Agency to change institution using Tier 4 PTS form. Contact a Student Adviser for further guidance

16 Reporting Requirements
Under immigration rules, King’s is your sponsor and responsible for you in the UK. King’s is obliged by law to report you if you: Fail to enrol Fail to attend your course Move to another institution or change your course here Defer or withdraw from your studies Finish your course early In these instances it’s likely your visa will be curtailed by the UKBA

17 If you lose your passport/visa
Report loss/theft to the police Obtain a new passport If you have a Biometrics Residence Permit, report the loss to the UKBA within 30 days or you will be fined! To apply for a replacement visa, complete form TOC (fee of £220) To obtain a new BRP, complete form BRP(RC) (fee of £37) Special rules if you lose your visa outside the UK – will need to obtain a new/temporary visa to get back in. See our website for details. No requirement to carry your passport/BRP with you in the UK – safer to leave it at home!

18 Travelling Outside the UK
Decide where you want to go and look at the Embassy website Do you need a visa to go there? Sometimes it can take a long time to get a visa to travel outside the UK, so leave plenty of time to do this. To travel in Europe you may need a Schengen visa General requirements are: Evidence of student status in UK Evidence of funds sufficient for your stay Evidence of intention to leave at the end of your stay Existing leave in the UK or a return ticket to your home country Insurance!!!

19 Returning to the UK You need to be able to demonstrate you still meet
immigration requirements. You will need to show your visa and Enrolment confirmation letter – check our website for special guidance if travelling at the end of your studies Evidence of sufficient funds Intention to leave the UK Make sure you have these documents in your hand luggage so you can show them to the Immigration Officer Check Customs requirements so you don’t bring anything you shouldn’t back to the UK!

20 Working: During your studies
Check wording on your visa, but…. Should be allowed to work up to 20 hours a week in term time (10 hours if below degree level) and… Full time in the vacations, but… Summer not vacation for postgraduate students, and… Check your visa to ensure work conditions are correct. If it says “no work” you CANNOT WORK! Also…

21 Working During Your Studies
Cannot be self-employed, take up a permanent, full time role or work as a professional sportsperson or entertainer! Internships: can only do these in the vacation unless assessed part of your course Careers and Employability can help – look out for the Part Time Work Fair Look out for our workshops on Working During Studies, run with the Careers and Employability Service

22 Working: After your studies
Options available will depend on what you are doing next: Tier 2 for recent graduates earning over £20,000 in a graduate-level job with a registered employer, once successfully completed degree and before leave expires “Student Entrepreneur” route – currently for PGR students Tier 5 for some training/internship programmes Tier 4 for Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists undertaking training Current rules may change by the time you graduate. See and for further information, and look out for our workshops

23 Contacting Us By email –
In person by appointment – telephone to book At our workshops – keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details – Full details available at

24 Useful Websites – immigration guidance
– forms and guidance for immigration applications - guidance and our contact details - workshops and updates We’re also on

25 Quiz Time!!

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