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New Physical Learning Spaces in UK Higher Education Ian Pearshouse CETADL The University of Birmingham.

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1 New Physical Learning Spaces in UK Higher Education Ian Pearshouse CETADL The University of Birmingham

2 The Needs Changing patterns of learning –From home, from halls, from anywhere –Distance and Semi-Distance Education Widening participation Professional and continuing education Student expectations Space utilisation –Cost –Institutions that are stuck with existing build and space

3 The Problems Appears to have been little co-ordination Refits and rebuilds over recent years that now need to be looked at again Students and Staff with no ownership of the learning spaces (Eagles 2001)

4 Opportunities New Technologies –IP videoconferencing –Wireless devices Laptops, projectors, videoconferencing –Allowing cross-institutional sharing of T&L VLE, MLE, XML, Webservices Better understanding of how space can be used to support T&L

5 Informal Learning Spaces Multipurpose forums –Meeting and social spaces –CyberCafes and bars –Areas for quiet conversation and study –Computer space –TV and Video –Wireless –Syndicate or breakout zones

6 Enhanced Teaching and Lecture Rooms Mixed mode rooms Classroom Communication Systems –Classtalk - wired, graphics calculators –Personal Response System – IR handset Socratic Dialogue / Peer Instruction –Question, group discussion, feedback, class discussion. Group based, Discussion based, Own paced Amphitheatres –Traditional and Harvard style

7 Case Examples

8 Interactive Classrooms/Studios University of Strathclyde

9 Wolfson Medical School Building University of Glasgow

10 Clinical Skills Area Problem based learning Simulated Ward areas –Can be broken down into smaller examination rooms Vocational Skills Area Audio-visual links allow small groups of students and experienced tutors to watch and comment remotely on each other's interview techniques via a video camera link from classroom to consultation room. Actors participate in role playing scenarios with the students who can then keep video copies of their resulting performances for future reference.

11 Pictures reproduced by kind permission of The University of Glasgow

12 Mason Lounge The University of Birmingham

13 Mason Lounge

14 The Centre for Educational Technology And Distance Learning CETADL The University of Birmingham

15 CETADL Research and Innovation in T&L –Club of members –Sits outside of established University structures Two linked areas –MDR - Multimedia Development Room Also provides breakout space, relaxation area –FLR - Flexible Learning Room Wireless Network –Students able to register own devices

16 Flexible Learning Room Designed to be –A highly re-configurable, easy to use space to explore different approaches to T&L –Multi-purpose Small Group teaching Conversational Learning Video Conference – distance based learning Webcast Studio Computer based – outside of the Computer Lab Usability Lab








24 More information

25 Looking to the Future

26 HEFCE Initiatives CETL –Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning –70+ CETLs - £2M capital, £500K pa over 5yrs –Will lead to new learning spaces being developed

27 JISC Initiatives JCLT-ITTSLG, the Innovative Technologies to Support the Learner Group –Information gathering exercise which included visits to several learning technology research labs and commercial organisations – Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks – to look at the current and next five years usage and developments and their potential impact on learning and teaching. The invitation to Tender is being drafted. Link between innovative technologies and physical learning space design – to understand how the use of technologies are and will impact on physical learning space design. –A set of ten edited case studies has been commissioned on the current use of innovative technologies and their impact. –The case studies are being produced by The Open University, Institute of Educational Technology under Agnes Kukulska-Hulme. The University of Edinburgh under Nora Mogey will be producing the supporting video clips. Completion is due by November 2004 A workshop to explore technology futures, scenarios of future learners and learning environments is being planned for September 2004, possibly as a SIG at ALT-C.

28 Other links HE Estates – Space Management Group –

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