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1 RDA IN THE UK Summary of Survey Results. 2 Overview CILIP/BL & CIG Survey Monkey 78 responses Awareness of RDA Implementation Context Training needs.

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1 1 RDA IN THE UK Summary of Survey Results

2 2 Overview CILIP/BL & CIG Survey Monkey 78 responses Awareness of RDA Implementation Context Training needs Next Steps

3 3 Awareness of RDA RDAICPFRBRFRAD What is it?325610 Heard of it39323643 Understand it1551811 Explain it9251 I know what [RDA] is, why it's been developed and where to find more information about it I have studied FRBR but it looks very complicated as a basis for cataloguing rules The terminology I find confusing, e.g. manifestations and expressions - none of the glossaries seem to make clear exactly what these mean at least not enough for me to explain it clearly to others.

4 4 60% of those answering yes attended CILIP Executive Briefings 20 % of those answering yes viewed ALA Webinars

5 5 Training needs to be straightforward for non-professional cataloguers How much the differences matter in day to day work. …what changes do we need to make to [LMS] to gain the benefits As I don't understand what most of these options are it's difficult to rank them

6 6 Advantages for cataloguing e-resources, digitisation projects …Depends on decisions of record creators (e.g. BL, BDS) and LMS suppliers Our initial reaction is not good - it would be more work therefore more cost, which could not be coming at a worse time I was under the impression that there was no choice in this. I thought it was replacing AACR2. Not even thought about it. We may not be able to justify the cost of the Toolkit!

7 7 Implementation Context

8 8 Academic Library 58% Public Library 14% Government Library 10% National Library 8.5% Health Medical 7%

9 9

10 10 Art-specific materials: e.g. exhibition catalogues, artists' books Grey literature produced in-house DVD feature films TV programmes. GMD change will have a big impact Tactile and audio formats

11 11 …all catalogued in-house, but …mostly upgrading rather than original cataloguing Level of cataloguing depends on type of material Moving to shelf ready service for book supply We do edit all records we download

12 12 We contribute name authorities to NACO All name, subject and series headings are under authority control. We don't download authority records Subjects only - in house scheme

13 13 Others Liberty Open Galaxy Spydus (Civica)

14 14

15 15

16 16 What aspect of current rules causes most difficulty? Applying them to artefacts and non book materials Easily adapting for local practice - e.g. more detailed local material descriptions Expressing information about media/format Multi-part works - one record or several? None AACR2's relationship with MARC21 and the underlying database Punctuation Applicability to modern resources such as ebooks, DVDs, Web resources etc. Serials peculiarities

17 17 Training Needs

18 18 What topics should training cover for each of these categories of staff ? It is important that the reasons for the adoption of RDA are justified to decision makers and to all stakeholders Need a very simple and basic training package for most staff, and a more detailed offering for cataloguer FRBR … is not really apparent in the records or the catalogue display without different software and treatment of legacy records cataloguers and system administrators need practical hands on "this is how you do" type training

19 19 What is your preferred method for delivery of RDA training Develop in-house using own resources47% Deliver in-house using own trainers41% Deliver in-house using external trainers28% Deliver off-site35% Deliver on-line35% training likely to be organised by wider organisation. Hopefully all in-house It depends on current financial constraints I currently deliver MARC21 training to library assistant cataloguers so I would be expected by senior managers to deliver RDA training Welsh language requirement

20 20 Man.Cat.Sys.Ref. Half day90%40%60% 1 day22%57%65%13% 2 days0%94%19%0% More8%92%17%0% How much time would your institution be prepared to commit to training the following groups of staff?

21 21

22 22 Comments We expect to do training in house. I would have thought it would be more appropriate to charge mainly for time, with an element for the number of attendees A lot less than £100! Our training budget is very limited. We could not afford external training for all 10 cataloguers. Perhaps the 2 professionals could attend external training and cascade this to library assistants.

23 23 Comments If the changes were profound, which they are not likely to be in the short term, and the benefits demonstrable, then I think it might be acceptable to pay lots on training. We would be obliged to issue a call for tender funding would be for senior cataloguers only (2-3) and this would be cascaded

24 24

25 25 Next steps Post results on CIG Website –Encourage discussion Invite new members to joint Task & Finish Group Plan modules required Evaluate delivery options Prepare materials

26 26 Secondary colour palette

27 27 Default shapes Arrows and line styles (1.5pt stroke weight) Descriptive text box with level 1 bullets level 2 level 3 Circle with 14pt bold text Rounded rectangle

28 28 Open, consultative management Empowered, flexible & diverse workforce Non- hierarchical, agile decision making Demand-driven strategy: Chosen markets One brand Relevant to users Distinctive through: World class collection Value-added services & expertise Delivered through: User-focused staff E-platforms The right partnerships Pride Relevance Innovation Staff who feel valued & recognised Strong performance management TO HELP PEOPLE ADVANCE KNOWLEDGE TO ENRICH LIVES Example slide

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