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Community-Based Research Workshop Series CBR 206 Writing Effective Letters of Intent.

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1 Community-Based Research Workshop Series CBR 206 Writing Effective Letters of Intent

2 Funds community-based research on the relationships between health and housing, poverty and income distribution, social exclusion and other social and economic inequalities Provides workshops, training and other capacity building support to non-profit community groups

3 Works to identify and advance policy alternatives and solutions to pressing issues of urban health I Works in diverse collaborations and partnerships for progressive social change I All of this is geared to addressing the pervasive impact of the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

4 4 Agenda Welcome, Introductions You get to be the reviewers Lunch LOI Basics Presentation Q & A

5 5 Objective To enhance skills and capacities for developing CBR Letters of Intent

6 6 Grants Initiative – Overview Two types of grants: Advanced Enabling

7 7 Principles of CBR CBR community initiation capacity building varied methods collaboration action outcomes community relevance

8 8 Intros How many people have written LOIs before? –For programs? –For traditional research? –For CBR?

9 What is an L.O.I.? Group Discussion

10 You get to be the reviewers! Please take 20 minutes to review proposals on your own.

11 11 Get Ready Choose your funder(s) wisely: Wellesley CIHR SSHRC City Health Canada Laidlaw United Way Trillium Who else?

12 12 Get Ready Is your idea in support of the goals of the funder? Do you meet the eligibility requirements? Do you have a clear idea of what you want to do? Which funding program are you applying for?

13 13 Get Set Letters of Intent should: be well-informed have clearly defined objectives demonstrate strong community ties be relevant to community needs demonstrate innovation demonstrate collaborative approaches have policy, social change, programming benefits

14 Putting Together Your Own LOI How to

15 15 Eligibility Requirements 1.Who is eligible for funding 2.Who is not eligible for funding

16 16 Abstract Background Goals and Objectives Methods & Approaches Outcomes Be clear and succinct

17 17 SDOH & Policy What do we mean by Social Determinants of Health? What do we mean by Policy Change?

18 18 Policy Levels for Tackling Health Inequities Margaret Whitehead, Liverpool, April 2005

19 19 Community? Describe your community of interest? Who represents it? * Note: There are no right answers but we are looking for thoughtful answers….

20 20 Need & Input How was the need for this project identified? How was the community involved?

21 21 Assessing Needs Walking/windshield tours Interviews with formal and informal leaders Community dialogues/guided discussions Delphi process Voting with your feet Visioning processes Literature review Client data

22 22 Process How will the community continue to be involved in: planning implementation, analysis and interpretation dissemination/action

23 23 Outcomes Why is the research important? some initial reflections on the implications for the health of communities: social change enhanced quality of life innovative programming public policy

24 24 Outcomes Should be specific, actionable, doable and clear! Note: We do not expect $50,000 research projects for $10,000.

25 25 Team Who is your team? Why are they great? Include ONLY relevant experience to the grant at hand… How will they function as a partnership? Have you thought about decision making, etc

26 26 Budget/Timelines Amount and duration of grant: budget summary »personnel »research-specific costs (tapes, software, honoraria) »office space Timelines

27 27 Final General Tips PROOF READ Be succinct Answer the questions asked

28 28 Common Problems A poor fit with grant program Unclear community involvement Low investment in capacity building (hire consultants) Insular focus Lack of partnerships Inadequate budget justifications Unrealistic timelines or deliverables

29 29 Go! Prepare Letter of Intent

30 30 Workshop Evaluation Your feedback is extremely important! Please complete the workshop evaluation…. Thank you!

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