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Strictly Business North County Meetup Courtesy of Off the Rock Media and WeTubeU June 29, 2011.

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1 Strictly Business North County Meetup Courtesy of Off the Rock Media and WeTubeU June 29, 2011

2 Marketing Made Simple and Affordable! Web, Video, Social Media, Email, and More

3 HOW : To Take Advantage of Marketing on the Web To Do It Yourself. To Optimize Your Website, Social Media, Email, and Traditional Marketing. Not to Let Your Budget Limit Your Exposure.


5 Take Advantage Of Marketing On The Web Search Engine Optimization Social Media Understanding Your Customer Internet Marketing Tools Email Marketing Content Website

6 You Can Do It Yourself STEP 1 Create A Business Analysis Customers Competitors Allies Socio-Cultural Technological STEP 2 Online Research What are your competitors doing? What is your target market saying, doing, and clicking? STEP 3 Data Analysis What are the places your target market visits? STEP 4 Monitor Performance Monitor internet marketing campaigns.

7 Optimize your website  Content that is relevant and makes a difference for your clients and customers.  Content that lacks quality will send the message your product and service lacks quality.  It takes the same amount of effort to make it look great instead of average.  Push your content and message to your social media spaces.  This imprints your brand and message and saturates the web with information that your customers want.  Links in and out. It’s a game of numbers.

8 What are the benefits of Local Listings?

9 There are countless numbers of benefits in listing your business in these local websites. Attract more customers online through these local listings even if you don’t own a website. If you have a website representing your business, these local listings will drive more traffic to your website too. Promote your business by distributing the online coupons along with the local listings. Add videos, images and maximum information about your business to the listings. Get listed in online maps so that people can find the exact location of your business easily. “The best marketing strategy” as, explained by Google. Grab the attention of more local customers.

10 Local Listing Guidelines 1.Local listings refer to a business that has a physical location. Standalone online businesses cannot get benefited through local listings. 2. All the listings are subject to approval by the respective administrators of the local websites. 3. Some of the popular local search engines like Google local and windows live local will verify the contact address by sending a postcard. You will have to activate the listing by following the instructions mentioned in the same. 4. You should have the complete authority to market the particular product or business. 5. Though the listings will be done within 2 working days, they will appear on the Internet only after 1-2 weeks (after admin approval).

11 http://www.yellowbot.com http://www.insiderpages.com http://tupalo.com http://www.brownbook.net http://www.cityslick.net http://dbupdate.infousa.com www.hotfrog.com https://my.citysquares.com http://staylocal.org http://www.yelp.com http:// List of Local Business Directories

12 Not Letting Your Budget Limit You Spider-web effect. Search engine visibility. Connect directly with people.

13 Provides Inexpensive, Professionally Produced Commercials For your use in Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Blogging, Social Networking and E-Mail. is “ Show and Tell ” at it ’ s Finest ! Reach out to your clients and customers who need your services and will purchase your products. Now you can afford to maximize your reach without breaking the bank. Tell them Who you are, What you ’ re about, Where to find you, & Why they need you: in a professional, compelling and targeted method with …..




17 We can get YOU there


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