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5 th June 2008 Peer review and development Penny Silvester Divisional Manager Learning and skills.

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1 5 th June 2008 Peer review and development Penny Silvester Divisional Manager Learning and skills

2 Self assessment Ofsted judgement about capacity to improve Revisions to the inspection framework from September 2009 Areas to be covered

3 Role of self assessment in PRD Validating self assessment is a crucial aspect of peer review Acting as a critical friend Benchmarking performance Review of the whole organisation systems of quality assurance and planning processes Review of peers quality improvement approaches

4 Role of self assessment Support the provider's own quality improvement strategies Should self assess against key external performance measures – CIF and FfE Should draw on external performance measures Mission driven approach responsive to external standards but driven by providers own strategic goals and development needs Internal and external validation Should target underperformance and performance that is satisfactory not improving

5 Role of self assessment in inspection Helps us to risk assess and plan inspection No prescribed format but should answer the 5 key questions of the CIF Should be an integral part of an institutions performance management

6 Key drivers for accelerated change Clarity of vision and mission based on raising learners skills and achievement Rigorous self critical self assessment process which leads to clear action for improvement Performance at all levels constantly monitored Ambitious yet realistic targets for success rates, attendance and retention Clear and sustained focus on teaching and learning through robust and accurate lesson observations

7 Judgement about the potential to progress from the current position of the provider to a much more successful position or one where very high standards are maintained Includes effectiveness of steps taken to promote improvement since the last inspection Capacity to Improve

8 Capacity to improve Leaders and managers use self assessment and other aspects of the QA system to diagnose strengths and areas for improvement, focus on improvement and raise standards and bring about improvement Accuracy of SAR, full and candid evaluation Leadership has aspirational but realistic views of what is possible and well thought out plans Governors use their expertise well to challenge

9 Capacity to improve As a result of actions achievements are made Providers finances are robust and can support plans for further development Provider is responding well to national priorities

10 Promotion of improvement since the last inspection Not simply comparison of grades Leadership and management have continued to drive the provider forward The rate of increase in success rates Learners achievements have improved Progress in addressing issues since the last inspection and strengths have been maintained Measures taken to improve learners experience

11 Revision to CIF Risk assessment Variable time between inspections for providers – good and outstanding up to six years, satisfactory up to four years Health check sometime in the 6 years Early thinking on changes to inspection methodology in the future

12 Early thinking on inspection Continued strong focus on self assessment and continued engagement of a nominee Users and employers views will have greater emphasis. Enhance the learners voice Focus on teaching and learning Focus on the performance of different user groups

13 Revisions to CIF Overall effectiveness Capacity to improve Recommendations Meeting the needs of service users Leadership and management Quality of provision Outcomes for service users

14 Questions?

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