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8 How do Ofsted reach a judgement on ‘outstanding’ in FE colleges?
Helen Groves

9 The picture Chief Inspector’s Reports
Main Elements of the New CIF (Sept 2012) Implications for Providers

10 Chief Inspector’s Report – 2011/12 & 2012/13
Increasing number of colleges judged ‘inadequate’ 71% of providers now good or outstanding + 7% 25% learners in provision less than good Slow progress of grade 3 providers – especially colleges No college judged overall ‘outstanding’ for TLA 2012/13 – 13 – incl 2 GFE

11 Literacy & numeracy standards cause for concern
- 2012/13 quality of current English & mathematics provision remains weak FE now has clear mandate to improve these Far too many young people from poorer backgrounds fail to achieve in their post destination & drop out

12 Ofsted Concerns - Curriculum
Attention to learners’ starting points  Clarity in target setting  Regularity of reviews & monitoring of progress Identification & response to literacy needs  Progression to higher levels of study

13 Where are you?

14 Ofsted Concerns – Leadership and Management
Internal OTLA Reports – too descriptive, insufficient account of learner progress, often graded too high 2012/13- linking QA & PM to improve TLA “Volatile” standards – up/downs in success rates, inspection grades, instability, mergers, changes in senior managers, financial pressures etc. Self Assessment- “too shallow’ fails to acknowledge significance of areas for improvement 2012/13 – not evaluative & low expectations

15 Where are you?

Overall Effectiveness Outcomes for Learners Quality of teaching, learning & assessment Effectiveness of leadership & management

17 Implications for Providers - inspection
TLA is central to inspection process & becomes main focus of activity TLA constitutes main evaluation of performance for departments / subject areas TLA & Data are 2 sides of same coin – data historical picture – TLA here and now HoDs & subject leaders are accountable for SR & standards of TLA

18 Senior managers to ensure literacy & numeracy & FS needs of all learners are met as part of main programme Importance attached to standard of TLA in English , maths & FS Levels of staff numeracy / literacy allows them to support learners adequately CPD systematically maintains high levels of specialist staff expertise Poor teaching to be addressed through robust performance management

19 IMPLICATIONS FOR YOU Consider the last 2 slides and identify the main priority for your department / area Your organisation

20 T & L develop English, mathematics & functional skills, & support the achievement of learning goals & career aims - CIF extract To make this judgement, inspectors will evaluate the extent to which: teaching & learning supports learners to develop the English, mathematics & functional skills they need to achieve their main learning goals and career aims learners’ progress in literacy, numeracy, language & functional skills is monitored & reviewed, & their work is marked carefully learners appreciate the importance of improving their English, mathematics & functional skills as appropriate, in the context of their learning goals and life ambitions. .

21 Further guidance Where relevant, inspectors should take into account: the success of different strategies used for improving the English, mathematics, functional & language skills of different groups of learners whether staff have the qualifications, experience and skills needed to teach English mathematics and functional skills

22 Implications for providers
What evidence is required to demonstrate how well you have this aspect of the framework covered? To what extent could this be marshalled with 2 days notice? Are you ‘inspection ready?’

23 Common improvement points
Tailoring lessons to meeting individual needs of learners - especially stretch & challenge of more able learners Development of numeracy, literacy & functional skills integral to lessons Target setting & monitoring of learner progress based on accurate initial assessment of starting points

24 Setting high aspirations & standards for all learners
Quality of self assessment – especially in TLA prompt identification of teacher under performance and swift intervention via performance management processes

25 What makes OUTSTANDING TLA?
Ofsted Handbook: “mostly outstanding and never less than consistently good” Judgement is not just about lesson obs grades i.e. not the sum of a series of still photos

26 TASK How feasible is it to achieve TLA across your organisation that is “mostly outstanding and never less than consistently good” ? What is required to establish outstanding TLA - consider handbook grade descriptors - in your department / SSA/ subject ? - across the organisation?

27 SELF ASSESSMENT How will you know when your area is outstanding?
Can you articulate this? Is it shared & understood by your team?

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