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How to use: Jazlar Nathan Ruddick 2009.

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1 How to use: Jazlar Nathan Ruddick 2009

2 What is Jazlar? Jazlar is a software utility called radio automation we will use this to run Oaklands radio, Jazlar is an extremely powerful software application that has a huge variety of features the main task of this PowerPoint is to teach you how to use Jazlar

3 Jazlar Interface:

4 Track Controls (1/2) Causes the track to restart
Clicking any one of these will cause Jazlar to play that corresponding track by cutting the current track short and immediately playing the selected tract refer to slide 3 to see this This button will cause the track to fade out into a new track this can be used with live assist so by pressing live assist first the slow it will fade into silence allowing you to talk on air Pauses the playing track to pause This button will stop music playing after the current track This button will skip the track to the next one

5 Advanced Controls (2/2) This opens the built in internet browser this is useful if you want to play a YouTube video for example be warned if you play a video or track of music it will be played on air so stop current music playing first Auto pilot keeps Jazlar playing music tracks automatically this must be on when you leave the studio Live assist allows you to select the music tracks that will be played how to select tracks will be shown in later in this Presentation This button is used if you are stuck if you cannot remember what to do or music has stopped hit this button it will randomly play a track Rebroadcast is not used do not activate as It will cause feedback As a DJ you will not be able to access this this is to stop users from unintentionally changing settings of Jazlar which may cause issues Click this to open help This button opens about Jazler This button will show errors that Jazlar has encountered

6 Change Mode Change mode allows you to add tracks in to the currently playing list this works in both Auto Pilot and live assist mode How to use: 1.Click change 2. Find the song name using the search 3. Click the song you want in the list 4. Then click enter track

7 Monitor mode and packet mode
Monitor mode is designed for previewing tracks this is why it should not be used as previewing tracks will cause them to clash with currently playing tracks so please do not use this option Packet mode/Spot mode Packet mode is for advertising we currently do not have adverts so this button is irrelevant please do not click it

8 Info This mode will allow you to see the track information e.g. the genre of the track and year of release How to use 3.This screen will appear: 1. click info 2. Then click a track

9 2.Then Click a clip click stop to stop the clip whilst playing
Instants Is a music clip that is played when you click it for example a show called joes show could have a music clip that joe could play before his show think about BBC news how they have a music clip before they begin the news How to use 1. Click instants 2.Then Click a clip click stop to stop the clip whilst playing Fade mix allows you to go from playing one clip to a another smoothly with fade mix off multiple clips will play which isn't pleasant for a listener

10 Track List controls Moves the play list down Moves the track list up
Moves a selected track down in the play list Moves the track list to the top Moves a selected track up in the play list Moves the track list to the bottom

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