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Five Themes of Geography

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1 Five Themes of Geography
Mr. Thomas

2 Location The theme of Location describes where something is located within the world. It can be described in one of two ways. Absolute and Relative location.

3 Location Absolute Location describes the exact point something is located on the map, the earth, or in the world. Relative Location describes where something is located in relation to something else (another point of reference).

4 Absolute Location

5 Relative Location

6 Place Place refers to the c________________ that make an area ____________ or one of a kind. Every place is defined by its ____________ and what makes it unique. Place can always be described as having two characteristics, either ________ or _________.

7 Place Human characteristics refer to human or ____________ features. These features will always be made by humans. Physical characteristics refer to ___________ features that were already here on the earth’s surface. Not made by humans.

8 Human

9 Physical

10 Human Environmental Interaction
This theme refers to the way that humans _______ with, ____________, and ________ their environment. This can always be described in one of two ways. Either a ___________ impact or a ________ impact.

11 Human Environmental Interaction
Unfortunately, humans most often have a more _____________ impact on the environment. Often a positive impact in a _____________of a negative impact that happened.

12 Positive

13 Negative

14 Movement Movement refers to how ______, ____________, and _____________ are moved from one location to the next. Movement can exist in many forms, and takes place _____________ all over the world in a variety of ways.

15 Movement

16 Movement

17 Regions Regions are defined as large areas that share _________________ characteristics. Often these areas are much ___________ than a place. There are many examples found throughout the world.

18 Regions

19 Regions

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