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The Five Themes of Geography

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1 The Five Themes of Geography
National Geography Standards

2 Human-environment interaction
Location Place 5 Themes of Geography Human-environment interaction Location Where is it? Place What is it like? Human-environment interaction How do people relate to the physical world? Region Movement Region How are places similar or different? Movement How do people, goods, ideas, etc get from one place to another?

3 5 Themes of Geography Location Absolute location Relative location
Answers the question “where?” The equator in Ecuador

4 5 Themes of Geography Region Area with uniform characteristics
Climate, language

5 5 Themes of Geography Human-earth relationships
How humans interact with the natural environment Effects humans have on environment Effects the environment has on humans

6 5 Themes of Geography Movement Across the earth’s surface Includes:
Communications Transportation Circulation Diffusion

7 5 Themes of Geography Place Characteristics make each place unique
No place is exactly the same as another

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