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Functionalist view of the family

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1 Functionalist view of the family
In your groups produce a mind map of the functionalist view of the family Functionalist view of the family

2 New Right Theory and the Family

3 Key questions Who are the New Right? What do they believe?
What are the criticisms of the New right perspective on the family

4 New Right The New Right are usually conservative thinkers and politicians who believe very strongly in tradition. They believe there was a once a ‘golden age’ of the family The New Rights views on the family reflect a familial ideology

5 Familial ideology A set of ideas about what constitutes an ‘ideal’ family They prefer the traditional nuclear family with a clear sexual division of labour This ideology is transmitted by sections of the media, politicians & religious leaders. “When it comes to effective socialisation, no alternative family structure comes close to the merits of two parents, formally married” Charles Murray

6 Selfish speed dating  Each group has a section on text you must create a poster from which to teach other students 15 words max and as may symbols /pictures as you wish Speed date - moving round to the other tables and gaining the information from them You will have 5 minutes with each table

7 Key terms snake

8 New Right consolidation
Return to your group and teach them everything you have learnt

9 The New Right A political and academic approach to understanding society It stresses that the government (which is paid for by hard-working tax payers) should not have to support people They think individuals chose not to work and have made themselves unemployable

10 New Right Charles Murray argues;
Increasing numbers of ‘young, healthy, low-income males choose not to take jobs’. Many have grown up without a father and male wage earner Female headed family are dependent on welfare benefits, the disciplines and responsibilities of mainstream society thus tend to break down

11 New Right Evidence of Changes in the Family in recent years to support N.R claims: Increase in lone parent families Increase in fatherless families Increase in divorce rates Increase in cohabitation Increase in Gay and Lesbian Couples Decrease in traditional nuclear family

12 New Right - Causes of the decline in the family
1)The breakdown of traditional family values 2) Over generous welfare benefits to single mothers which allow dads to opt out of their responsibilities for raising and providing for their kids 3)Influence of feminism has devalued marriage, domesticity and childrearing and encouraged women to seek fulfilment outside the home 4) Increased sexual permissiveness

13 New Right - Causes of the decline in the family
5) Greater tolerance of gay and lesbian relationships as alternatives to heterosexual marriage 6) Equal opportunities policies 7) Contraceptive pill 8)1969 divorce law reform act 9)Nanny state = too many benefits given out, as if married to the state

14 New Right Consequences
The fragmented family fails to adequately socialise children Children thus more likely to underachieve at school and behave in anti-social ways Over generous welfare benefits can lead to mothers becoming too dependent on the state and in effect are ‘married to the state’.

15 New Right Solutions Imagine that you are part of the New Right, what three solutions would you produce to try and solve this problem of the decline in traditional family life? Think Pair Share

16 New Right Solutions A return to traditional family values e.g. life long marriage, recognition of the duties and responsibilities of parenthood A change in government policy e.g. redirecting welfare benefits and social service provision to support and maintain two parent families

17 Lesson 2)

18 New Right – Single Mothers
Why are some women single mothers? Who supports single mother financially?

19 The New right argue that the family is in decline
Do you agree the family is in decline?

20 Do you agree the family is in decline?
The family and society is just changing, following the ways of the world, nothing will remain the same New types of family don’t always have a negative impact on children as sometimes family separation is necessary for the well being of the child

21 New Right attack lone mothers;
TASK 1: Read through your handout make notes on why the New Right oppose lone parent families. TASK 2: Read the statements – Complete the grid to identify If it is a New Right/ Feminist statement

22 Half term homework Use the handouts on Functionalism (p55)& the New Right (p61) to answer the essay questions Complete your essay cover sheet with targets from the last essay you completed Complete the question sheet, key terms, key sociologists and submit it with your essays

23 New Right – Class Debate
The New Right perspective emphasises the idea that lone-parent families are a burden upon society. Should the government look after them by taxing other people?

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