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How to write a good Higher Essay

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1 How to write a good Higher Essay
Each question is marked out of 20. Structure. Introduction and Conclusion = 4 marks. Knowledge and Understanding = 6 marks. Argument/Evaluation =10 marks.

2 Introduction= 2 marks Set the question in context. This means stating the date and a brief background to the event you are asked to write about. Outline the points or factors that are relevant to answering the question. State the line of argument you are going to follow to answer the question.

3 Introduction Practise
Task Write an introduction to the following essay question; “ A reasonable settlement under the circumstances.” How valid is this view of the Munich agreement of 1938?

4 Knowledge and Understanding
This will get 6 marks. Marks will be awarded for relevant knowledge used to address the question. If a point is developed that will get another mark.

5 Argument/Evaluation This will get 10 marks.
Marks will be awarded if the student writes an answer that is relevant and relates to the question. Explains, analyses, debates and assesses rather than simply describes or narrates. Refers to all parts of the question and to the “isolated factor” in particular.

6 Conclusion = 2 marks Sums up the question in the form of a balanced conclusion based on the evidence and arguments used in the answer.

7 The 4 sentence conclusion
Sentence 1 – “In conclusion...” – indicated the conclusion has started. Sentence 2 – “On the one hand...” – provides a summary of some points and indicated balance. Sentence 3 – “On the other hand...” – completed the summary and balance. Sentence 4 – “Overall...” provides a final answer to the main question.

8 First Higher essay: To what extent was racism the main reason for changing attitudes towards immigration in the 1920s?

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