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Artist Study Independent Project.

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1 Artist Study Independent Project

2 Visiting the library Everyone must start the project in the same way – visiting the library. You have to select a book about an Artist whose work you like. Spend some time looking through the books – it is worth getting the right Artist for you – you will be working on them for the next 4 weeks. Do not get a ‘how to’ book – the books that teach you a technique, you need to find a specific artist.

3 Task 1: Now you have selected your Artist, you must start to explore their work in more detail. Why did you pick this Artist? How do they make their work? Is there a theme that runs through their work – what is it? What is your Artist interested in?

4 Creating pages! You will be making 4 pages in your project books about your Artist. Each page should be decorated appropriately – don’t make them all the same! Your decoration should reflect the work of the Artist. You can use different papers and materials and stick them into your books. TASK 2 – decorate your first page!

5 Page 1 Page one should contain a brief biography of your chosen Artists life. Include interesting details about their cultural circumstances. What other things could you include about their life? What do you think they were influenced by? What genre of Art were they working in? What other Artists may be making similar work? Don’t forget pictures! Homework: Use the internet to find out more information about your artist. Look at youtube to watch any documentaries, is your artist part of the googleart project? Find out! Look on musem websites – don’t just use wikipedia! Write notes in your own words! Complete your first page for homework

6 Page 2 Page 2 will contain analysis of your artists work.
Select 3 pieces of work by your artist – print them out and include them on your sheet. Each piece must be labeled correctly, but your favourite piece will be analysed in more detail, using the 5 W’s TASK 3 – analyse using the 5 W’s. Create a different style background, but one that still fits in with your research. Think about how you are laying out your information! Homework : complete Page 2!

7 Page 3 Now it is time to try out some work in the style of your artist. You will copy a piece of their work. For this task you will be using drawing media – if your artist is a sculptor, painter or photographer, I would like you to carefully draw their work. See how accurately you can represent their work Task 4: decorate and complete this page – work on different paper and stick into your project book. Complete for homework.

8 Page 4 Now it is time for you to start generating ideas.
You will be making a piece of Art work in the style of your chosen Artist. This will not be a copy of their work, but your original work using the Artist to help guide and inspire you. Task 5 – Make a mindmap that explores all the possibilities that you have been considering so far. What ideas does your artist explore? What could you do to explore the same ideas? You can make anything, in any media, as long as it is appropriate!

9 Page 5 Task 5 continued….. Process drawings – now you have explored some different ideas, it is time to start drawing how your final piece may look – you will complete a few different sketches called thumbnails – these help you work your ideas out visually. Select your best thumbnails and develop these further, adding detail and notes to help explain your ideas Make a detailed plan for your final piece – complete this page for homework Write a list of any special materials or equipment that you may need!

10 Final Piece

11 Guidelines You must create a piece of Artwork that explores the style,life or work of your artist. You could make something in the style of your artist, using similar materials or techniques. You could explore the themes that your artist is interested in. You can experiment using the media of your chosen artist. The size of your work should be A3. If you are making a sculpture you must not make it larger than 60 cms high. All work must be photographed and evaluated in your project books. You will be expected to organize your final piece independently, getting any extra materials you need. DEADLINE Friday 17th OCTOBER – ALL WORK TO BE HANDED TO MR HEBDEN IN 2301

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