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Careers Centre CV & Applications Computer Science James Hairsine Senior Career Consultant.

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2 Careers Centre CV & Applications Computer Science James Hairsine Senior Career Consultant

3 Careers Centre Learning Outcomes of this session To better understand how to describe your skills, qualities and experiences to others in appropriate ways by: Analyse your experiences and identify transferable skills and evidence Looking at CV Writing Techniques in preparation for writing your own CV

4 Careers Centre Making Applications First impressions are VITAL. There is no point having a great interview style if your application wont ever get you there. Preparation is key - writing the CV / completing the form are NOT the first steps in the process All applications need to be targeted towards the role and company for which you are applying

5 Careers Centre Auditing your Skills - Transferable Think about your key activities and achievements to date Break them down into tasks Then identify the skills you have demonstrated/achieved through this Provide evidence

6 Careers Centre Skills Audit

7 Careers Centre Setting a goal! SituationI was a committee member of our local charity. We had a target of raising £10,000 for a new play area for children. TaskI recognised the potential for gaining sponsorship from local companies and set myself a personal target of £5,000. ActionI developed a personalised letter to the firms offering them the opportunity to sponsor pieces of play equipment. I followed up each letter with a visit to present my proposal. ResultI raised £7,000

8 Careers Centre Targeted Skills Audit

9 Careers Centre Setting the Record Straight You will receive differing opinions There is no such thing as a perfect CV The only true definition of a perfect CV is the one which presents your information to a particular audience to the best advantage A general CV is likely to end up in the bin

10 Careers Centre What is a C.V.? Biographical sketch of the course of ones life Persuasive sales document selling you (the product) to an employer (the buyer)

11 Careers Centre Who is it for ? Who is your audience? What are they looking for? How is this going to affect your writing?

12 Careers Centre Developing a format that suits you (1) Traditional Personal Details Education Work experience (+ Relevant experience) Activities, interests Additional Skills Referees Events in (reverse) chronological order

13 Careers Centre Work experience section of Traditional CV

14 Careers Centre Developing a format that suits you (2) Skills-Based Personal Details Possible Personal Statement Brief outline of education Brief outline of work experience Achievements and Awards Expansion of Skills Other headings: positions of responsibility, extra curricular Brief outline of interests Referees Events in (reverse) chronological order

15 Careers Centre

16 First Impressions count... Always send a covering letter with a CV The letter should ideally be no longer than one side of A4 Word-processed Make specific references to the company you are applying for Sell yourself - but dont go over the top

17 Careers Centre Planning the Covering Letter Opening (who you are and what you are doing) The role you are interested in and why Why you are particularly interested in that company Why you are a good candidate Positive ending

18 Careers Centre CVs and Covering Letters - Key Points Make sure it is targeted 2 sides of A4 1 page for Covering Letter You can supply home and term- time addresses REVERSE chronological order No spelling or grammatical errors Refer to YOUR role/activity and the skills it demonstrates Ideally 1 academic referee and 1 from employment

19 Careers Centre The Application Process Be clear about what the company is looking for - skills, qualities, experience etc. Which of those skills and qualities you have. Are you a realistic candidate? List everything you have done/achieved Identify your strongest evidence for each selling point for this audience Construct the CV / complete the form

20 Careers Centre Next sessions Tuesday 26 th October 12-1 – Success at Interviews Tuesday 16 th November 12-1 – CV Drop-in Tuesday 23 rd November 12- 1 – CV Drop-in All in Active Learning Lab Room 9.30

21 Careers Centre The Careers Centre Drop-in: Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm

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