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WRITING A WINNING RESUME Planning 10 Purpose of a Resume See next slide.

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3 Purpose of a Resume See next slide

4 Purpose To win an interview Tells the employer what you have done Convinces the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in the position

5 Resume Styles See next slide

6 Different Formats Chronological Functional Combination

7 Combination Resume Components

8 Contact Information Includes name, address, and telephone Objective (Optional) Should be included only if you are clear about your career direction Brief, unique, and matched to the job/company for which you are applying Summary of Strengths Several points highlighting strengths/skills pertinent to the position

9 Education Should be emphasized first if you have no relevant work experience Should be in reverse chronological order starting with your most recent degree Awards Includes honours, citations, entrance scholarships, passport to education and any other recognition Related Experience/Volunteer Work Experiences are listed in reverse chronological order List position title, company and dates of employment, then include achievements or key responsibilities

10 Activities & Interests Information is short, concise and rounds out the picture the employers will have of you Know why you are including this information and how the activity benefits the employer References Indicate “Available upon request” Prepare a separate reference sheet that can be given if requested during an interview


12 1.Grammar and spelling should be correct. Easy to read with lots of white space. 2.Focus on skills, personal qualities, and achievements using past tense verbs. 3.Use bullets to focus on points. Make sure points are concise and have impact. 4.Always list the most important points first when organizing headings and content.

13 5.Resumes should be tailored to the employers’ needs as much as possible. 6.A resume is a summary of your experience and should be kept to two pages. 7.Always include a cover letter when you present a resume to an employer. 8.When faxing your resume, always follow-up by sending an original.

14 9.Print resumes and cover letters on good bond paper; use only one side of the page. 10.Be honest. Do not mislead employers or give information you are unable to justify. 11.Format and style do count, but it doesn’t matter how fancy your resume is if the quality of the content is missing. 12.Resume writing is a personal process which takes time, thought and hard work.

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