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How to Write a Winning CV Lucy Hawkins, Careers Adviser #careersbeyondprofit Download this PPT to open documents & read slide notes!

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1 How to Write a Winning CV Lucy Hawkins, Careers Adviser #careersbeyondprofit Download this PPT to open documents & read slide notes!

2 You are an employer and have 10 seconds to look at this CV... What do you pick up?

3 Let’s try that again. What do you pick up now?

4 Learning Outcomes Understanding of the function of a CV Knowledge of how to enhance CV functionality Understanding of recruiter use of a CV Awareness of common problems in CVs for ‘beyond profit’ routes

5 Q: What is a CV for? A: To get you the interview Q: How does it do that? A: Shows that you meet criteria, gives no reason to deselect you

6 Preparing a CV Make a list of what you’ve got: Exams, qualifications, work experience, internships, wider reading, hobbies and interests, awards, positions of responsibility, jobs, voluntary work, personal responsibilities, travel, committee work, memberships, projects, dissertations…. Consider what the reader is looking for Select evidence from your list that matches...

7 Matching evidence They want? My evidence? Relevant degree Relevant experience Communication skills Creative / problem solving skills Influencing skills People leadership Flexibility Organisational awareness Knowledge of the issues Technological skills Language skills Qualification, relevant papers Developed as above / wider reading Jobs, internships, extra-curricular, charity work, travel, academic activities = give tangible examples of how you’ve developed these List skills, give skill level – if necessary explain acquisition

8 Headings Name Contact details Nationality/work permit status Personal profile? Career objective? Education Qualifications Work experience Employment history Relevant experience [Insert field] experience Positions of responsibility Research experience Other experience Interests & activities IT skills Techniques Language skills Additional Skills Achievements Scholarships Awards Publications Presentations Posters Conferences Projects Courses / Training Professional development Referees

9 Top 5 CV tips 1) Tailoring A relevant CV has to be tailored to what they’re looking for Base this on the selection criteria, but also use the job description, published lists of organisational values and wider research where possible

10 Top 5 CV tips 2)Action language – not job description, but what you: developed ‘Gained understanding of...’‘Improved awareness of...’ were responsible for ‘Ensured that...’ ‘Represented the group at...’‘Managed the systems for...’ achieved ‘Increased society membership...’ ‘Initiated new projects in...’

11 Top 5 CV tips 3) Specificity Numbers and details add real power to a CV Don’t worry if you raised ‘only’ £50, what was the target? Describe your role accurately and fully – ‘Part of a team’ – did you lead or make tea? Avoid generic process descriptions – ‘Spent 3 months writing reports’ – How many? Successful?

12 Top 5 CV tips 4) Credibility Can you …summarise each role? …describe why you did each activity/job? …show how your past leads up to this application …demonstrate all cited skills if asked? …confirm everything comfortably?

13 Top 5 CV tips 5) Presentation Always check for typos, consistent grammar Consistent tenses Simple, clear and scannable layout Use links where they add value 1 or 2 pages – but full pages Covering letter/email – clear and concise Do the 10 second test – and the 1 minute too

14 1 minute test Use Ellie’s second CV You’ve done the first sift – now to decide on a short list of candidates. Mark Ellie’s CV against the criteria – in 60 seconds What advice would you give Ellie ?

15 Top 5 mistakes on ‘beyond profit’ CVs Don’t de-emphasis something unpaid! Be aware of what their concerns might be (adaptability, approachability, realism, empathy etc.) and head them off Use the subheadings that work for you: Positions of responsibility Relevant experience Charity experience

16 Further resources More PDF guides available on our websiteour website CVs, Visual/Video/Infographic CVs, Skills-based Academic CVs, Consulting CV etc See a Careers Adviser For CV reviews and any other advice See a Careers Adviser Employer-led application sessions GoingGlobal – for international CVs advice GoingGlobal

17 01865 274646 Q&A #careersbeyondprofit

Download ppt "How to Write a Winning CV Lucy Hawkins, Careers Adviser #careersbeyondprofit Download this PPT to open documents & read slide notes!"

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