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Trailer Analysis. Purpose of Trailers Promote the film Establish genre Hint at storyline, characters, action and resolution Advertise directors, producers,

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1 Trailer Analysis

2 Purpose of Trailers Promote the film Establish genre Hint at storyline, characters, action and resolution Advertise directors, producers, A list actors, recognise studios and film reviews Trailer Conventions Establish genre to entice audience Hybrid Genres: offer greater iconography to establish genre or may keep niche audiences guessing. Voice-over/Narration to anchors the key points of the narrative or characterisation within the film. Sound: sets the mood using non diegetic ambient soundtracks and effects. Title/onscreen text: Title usually appears at the end to stick in the memory. Cast: Prominent stars usually feature early in the trailer helping the audience decide how appealing it is. Director/studio/reviews: Director usually mentioned if considered an ‘auteur’ or successful.

3 28 DAYS LATER Danny Boyle (2002) om/watch?v=_H- T7RPvt2k

4 28 DAYS LATER Characters

5 28 DAYS LATER Narrative Another shot of main character is through blinds as if he’s trapped and scared. Makes audience wonder what he’s looking at/scared of. Also shows the genre of the film. Beginning of trailer no one around, town/hospital deserted which automatically creates an unnerving feel. Bus on side, mess everywhere shows that something isn’t right. Makes audience wonder what’s happened and how it’s going to be solved. Also the fact it’s set in London, a busy, compact city makes it even stranger that no ones is around First shot of main character he’s naked which shows his vulnerability

6 28 DAYS LATER Sound Non diegetic – screaming, electricity, sirens which all connote danger Soundtrack – fast paced - shows it will be a fast paced action film and which shows the genre. Rock music creates the sense of danger, wouldn’t be the same effect if they used pop music. Ambience – eerie Narrative – voiceover – gives suggestions of the narrative When in hospital all the noises echo to enhance the emptiness of the building and makes it more eerie. The word ‘infected’ repeated throughout the trailer and monkey noises which suggest the infection has came from the monkeys. Hints towards the narrative. Also is postmodern as it plays with society's real life fears.

7 28 DAYS LATER Camera/Editing Very dark throughout trailer suggests danger and fear. Makes audience feel uneasy as can’t see what’s there Titles –Decayed font. White writing on black background. Fades in and out – fade is quite soft Which shows contrast between the film. Also text helps tell the narrative of the film. Overlaying font and pictures, flickering - eerie Montage of 1 second clips – fast paced connotes action in the film, as it countdowns the day the montage becomes faster creating tension Quick shot of orangey/red coloured eyes. Colour connotes blood, danger, horror. The expression of the eyes look scared/shocked which could reflect the audience reaction when watching this film. ‘EVACUTATION’ looks as though it’s being lit up with a torch. This could connote adventure, darkness and also makes it seem more eerie.

8 28 DAYS LATER Mise En Scene Biohazard symbol – shows infection and suggests narrative. Main character/protagonist Hospital patient – connotes vulnerability, Dishevelled. Unwillingly pushed into danger.

9 PLANET OF THE APES com/watch?v=VjcpRH uPjOI

10 PLANET OF THE APES Narrative Fictional world where everything is run by apes, ‘the superior beings’ and humans ‘run wild’. Switching roles - Postmodern Love interest? She looks longingly at protagonist as he escapes. Also she’s the only hint at a helper Not much given away in this trailer.

11 PLANET OF THE APES Sound Non-diagetic Voiceover – helps tell narrative of the film ‘Humans run wild’ referring to the humans as animal – switched roles – postmodern. Music becomes more dramatic when apes are shown which shows they have power

12 PLANET OF THE APES Camera/Editing White writing on red background. Red could connote danger, blood, love. ‘based on’, if people have read/heard about what it’s based on their more likely to see the film. Slow paced trailer which shows the film may be quite slow paced. Not quick shots like 28 days later as this film as less action.

13 PLANET OF THE APES Mise En Scene Costume – not fully clothed, connotes vulnerability towards the humans. Apes riding horses, guns, armour shows they have the power. Also post modern as it’s not a normal. Humans all dressed the same which shows they don’t have freedom.

14 TERMINATOR om/watch?v=c4Jo8Qo OTQ4

15 TERMINATOR Narrative Female protagonist who is unwillingly forced into danger and faces fear of death throughout trailer. Typical post modern cowboy however is postmodern as they’re normally males however she is female. Antagonist is a robot from the future who’s mission is to kill. – Post modern as it plays with Real life fears of the future and what’s going to happen to us. Helper is also from the future however trying to save the victim.

16 TERMINATOR Sound Voice over – deep male voice which makes it seem very serious The main sounds throughout the trailer: diegetic of sounds sirens, screams and the non diegetic sounds of gun shots, explosions which all connote danger Non diegetic sound of tension music throughout the trailer up until the helper is introduced from then on there is fast paced music. Fast paced music shows the genre of film - Action

17 TERMINATOR Camera/Editing Fast paced editing which suggests fast paced film which shows genre of the film to be an action film ‘THE TERMINATOR’ is written to make it look like it’s make from metal which links with the protagonist being a robot from the future. When point of view shot from ‘the terminator’ it’s edited to look red with writing over it which shows he’s a robot.

18 TERMINATOR Mise En Scene Guns which show the danger side to the film Spaceship which shows the terminator is from the future Sarah Connor isn’t from the future where as the terminator is which makes her instantly vulnerable. Also she seems to be the only one involved without a gun which, again, adds to her vulnerability

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