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Mise en Scence Emily Hemmings. ‘’ Don’t Look Now’’ 1973 Nicolas Roeg.

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1 Mise en Scence Emily Hemmings

2 ‘’ Don’t Look Now’’ 1973 Nicolas Roeg

3 . This house is set in a deserted countryside setting which the main characters live in. The size of the house appears big which can represent that the couple who own the house are wealthy and own a lot of money with land. The weather is a Pathetic fallacy creating a dark misty scene which reflects the mood. Big windows can suggest and old Victorian house. A large amount of land. The large house. Setting. Props. The audience can tell that the girl is at a young age as she is carrying around child like toys for example a ball and a doll which emphasises her innocence at just one glance when watching the film. The ball. The young girl. The doll that could be linked to herself.

4 . The young girl then gets a close up shot where her red coat almost seems brighten than before suggesting danger and death with the connotation of red. The colour also stands out from the back ground gaining the attention of the audience as they watch her movements which shows that she plays the main role in the film storyline. The bright red shiny coat that she wears. Shiny clean blonde hair showing innocence. The young girl. Costume. The dad of the young girl has an usual look to his face with big wide eyes which can represent the feeling of always being watched with big curly hair. He then discovers that his child is in trouble where the audience are confused with his reaction as the audience too are shocked when his jaw line drops. The big eyes. Distinctive jaw line. Curly hair. Expressions.

5 .. This is a reflection of the girl while the camera looks into the lake. The fact that the camera is facing towards her can suggest that she will soon to be in the lake. The Red coat makes the figure of the young girl stand out watching her every moment in the reflection of the lake. The next scene of the dad holding the daughter with his large eyes show large emotion and the passion for the loss of his daughter.

6 . Drive. 2011 Nicolas Winding..

7 .. The setting is a busy setting located in the middle of new year in a rural area. This is a dark setting with lights which can give a sense of loneliness as if they were escaping the dark which is a typical in a thriller. In the film the main character is another light adding to the dark setting as he drives around in his car around the city. The dark setting. The bright lights. Big space surrounding him. Setting. The character has a cool thrill to him as though he is a man on a mission in a fashionable way. In the film the character wears a stunt wear jacket showing an insight on his hobbies and what he represents giving him a edgy and rough look. Costume. Driving the car with one hand. Edgy look. His jacket.

8 . The fact that the main character is chewing a tooth pick has many connotations for example careless and bad giving the audience an instant impression not giving any warmth to the character to begin with. The fact that he also wears gloves when driving in the first scene can suggest that he is serious about what he does. Tooth pick. The gloves worn when driving. When looking at this part of the film we can tell that the character clearly has something on his mind that he is thinking about that may be worrying him. His face almost looks like a mask with no emotion and expression although looking bewildered which intrigues the audience to his inner thoughts. The man driving. Props. Body Language. Emotionless? Dark Setting..

9 . In the film the man almost has two sides to him when he drives and his every day job in the day time. This pictures backs up my idea seeing two different sides to the main character being played as his shadow and his body is being shown here.

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