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Anti-Social Behaviour Emma Davies Head of Crime Reduction.

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1 Anti-Social Behaviour Emma Davies Head of Crime Reduction

2 What is the Government Office for London doing on ASB? What is GOL LAAs Core CDRP and GOL activity ASB strategy and action plan


4 What do we do? Manage a range of Government programmes in London, maximising their impact through more effective targeting and by joining up different programmes to make a greater impact on the ground. Identify the need for, and develop, new cross-cutting initiatives to tackle particular issues in London; building links between different Government Departments. Develop knowledge and intelligence about London and exploit it to influence the Governments policies at the centre to impact on Londons problems. Interpret and explain the Governments policies in London. Bring together key stakeholders in London and influencing what they do to help better meet the Governments objectives.

5 ASB and the Crime and Drugs Division Work in partnership to deliver key PSAs, reduce crime and tackle the harm caused by drugs. CDRPs audits and strategies Support and advice Developing key policy areas including: ASB, transport, youth crime, business crime, night-time economy, sex work and drugs

6 ASB in Local Area Agreements New approach to funding Local Authorities provides flexibility in delivery SSCF – cleaner, greener, safer Mandatory outcome – …to reassure the public, reducing the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour Develops cross cutting links

7 Pan-London ASB Strategy and Action Plan Crime Disorder Plus Pan-London Steering Group Pan-London Strategy Developing the Action Plan Delivery of 3 – 4 projects each year

8 Any questions? Emma Davies – 020 72173093 Stan Burnyeat – 020 72173440

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