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1 Developing Integrated Youth Support Services within Leicestershire Piloting new ways of working.

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1 1 Developing Integrated Youth Support Services within Leicestershire Piloting new ways of working

2 2 2 The Integrated Youth Offer links with many elements of the ECM agenda and Targeted Youth Support cannot be delivered without these By December 08 to reform radically support services for vulnerable young people and their families Targeted youth support Information, advice & guidance Positive activities Community & volunteering Integrated youth support services Youth matters Targeted youth support Common Assessment Framework Extended services Childrens centres Workforce development Lead Professional 14-19 Next Steps RespectNational Service Framework Commiss- ioning Building Schools for the Future NEET, drugs, parenting etc strategies Teenage Pregnancy Strategy

3 3 Why make changes? Government expectation that partners transform leisure-time opportunities and support services. Even for high performing authorities like ours –Improve life chances of all young people –Emphasis on a more preventative system –Build resilience –Intervene sooner when problems arise

4 4 Active involvement of partners Guided by IYSS Steering Group Reported to 13+ Group, CYP Exec and CYP Board Each partner agency responsible for engaging their own staff in discussions and keeping them up to speed –Draft recommendations and consultation –Revised recommendations –Implementation Plan and Communication Plan

5 5 Leicestershires Approach to Integrated working Brings together a number of policy areas: the common assessment framework, extended services, the development of school partnerships to improve behaviour and reduce absence and the developing role of area special schools. The approach is based on the windscreen of need model which describes both additional needs and provision made for children and young people with varying levels of difficulty.

6 6 Integrated Working in Leicestershire

7 7 AN AGREED APPROACH TO IYSS DELIVERY Part of a larger agenda of local integration Not create a new service called IYSS Partner agencies should improve how we currently operate as a network using local knowledge and data to plan, commission and deliver services at a local level A local youth offer that is available for all and with a planned emphasis towards vulnerable young people

8 8 AN AGREED APPROACH TO IYSS DELIVERY IYSS should cover the secondary school age range Extended Services Locality Partnership Groups might expand their brief to incorporate IYSS Partner resources are re-focussed Explore the potential of co-location Create multi-agency hubs for service delivery and staff work bases, with strong outreach capacity Pilot new ways of working

9 9 Two Pilots next year February 2009 to end of June 2009 Hinckley & Bosworth and NW Leics

10 10 Two different models NW Leicestershire One manager nominated as the lead for IYSS with a brief to ensure main purposes of the pilot is met. This manager will not have direct line management responsibility for service which is not their home service. Supported by senior managers in each service they will be exerting influence to ensure improved co-ordination and delivery as agreed by local partners. Hinckley & Bosworth Emphasis will be on providing opportunities for co-location and jointly co-ordinating service delivery to ensure pilot objectives are met. There will not be one nominated manager as in NWL. Both CX and YS managers will spend part of their week in the District council offices, with some of this time allowing for both managers to be present at the same time

11 11 Purpose of the pilots General To oversee the delivery of all strands of a local youth offer To try two different ways of co-ordinating joint working To generate learning that can be applied across all localities To gather evidence to enable partners to judge effectiveness Process/Actions Ensure the active involvement of young people in shaping service delivery Develop an improved virtual network of targeted youth support to ensure effective early intervention Ensure links with existing locality based strategic planning structures Ensure effective links to CAF panels Ensure schools can access a better co-ordinated response to identified vulnerable young people when needed Maximise resources available by avoiding duplication of services Explore potential for co-location and the co-ordination of office support functions Impact Better co-ordination of service delivery Continue to meet service targets for Connexions and Youth Service Increase focus on vulnerable young people Increase the number of young people engaged in positive activities

12 12 Monitoring and evaluating The learning from the pilots will be monitored through a pilot group and reported to the IYSS Steering Group. To judge effectiveness we will need to examine a mixture of hard and soft evidence. Hard evidence will include: Increased number of young people supported Increased number of preventative projects with vulnerable young people Increased uptake of positive activities Evidence or re-allocated resources to avoid duplication Reduction in number NEET Soft evidence will include: feedback from partners on increased flexibility, responsiveness feedback from young people case studies

13 13 Sharing learning and reporting The pilots will be monitored through a sub- group of the multi-agency IYSS Steering Group Regular reports will go to IYSS Steering Group and CYP 13+ Group Members of IYSS Steering Group will also report to own agencies through e.g. DIG, Connexions Board, Leics. Secondary Heads, CYPS DMT, VCS forums

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