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Parent Information on Scheduling for 2010 – 2011 School Year.

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1 Parent Information on Scheduling for 2010 – 2011 School Year

2 FRESHMAN YEAR Fresh Start – New Beginning Time to make a 4 Year Plan

3 “A Successful Student” Good Attendance School Involvement Good Study Habits Parental Involvement

4 WHAT IS DIFFERENT AT HIGH SCHOOL? Credits Semester Grades Exams Levels of Classes GPA Weighted Grades Rank Transcript

5 How does a student earn credit?

6 Can a student earn credit for taking Algebra I and Foreign Language in the 8 th grade?

7 Semester Grades

8 Semester Exams

9 Levels in Academic Classes Non-Leveled (N) General (G) College Prep (CP) Honors (H) Advanced Placement (AP)

10 Teacher Recommendations Student effort Student ability Work habits Grades

11 GPA

12 What are weighted classes?



15 Minimum Graduation Requirements English 4 Mathematics 4 Science 3 Social Studies 3 ½ Health/PE 1 Electives 6 ½ (1 elective from business/technology foreign language, or the fine arts) Total 22 Pass the OGT 25 hrs. of community service (included in social studies grade) - Pending Board of Education approval

16 What is an elective?

17 Required Classes for Freshmen English 9 Modern World History Math Science Health PE I

18 What about summer Health and PE ?

19 Typical 9 th Grade Schedule Semester 1 Homeroom 1. English 9 2. Math 3. Science Lunch 4.MW History 5.P.E. I 6.Elective 7.Elective Semester 2 Homeroom 1. English 9 2. Math 3. Science Lunch 4.MW History 5.Health 6.Elective 7.Elective

20 What about study halls?

21 College Bound Students Four Year College Graduation requirements 2 credits of the same foreign language 1 credit of fine arts Selective colleges will want more than the minimum

22 Foreign Language Does a student have to take a foreign language? When should my child begin a foreign language? Who recommends a foreign language?

23 ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY Fall sports - must pass 75% of the classes in 4 th quarter of the 8th grade Winter/Spring sports determined by previous quarter in 9 th grade Must have a 2.00 GPA for the quarter Must pass at least 5 courses totaling 2.5 credits per semester PE does not count as 1 of the 5 courses

24 National Honor Society Honors Diploma PLAN AHEAD


26 My kid is perfect… Well almost!

27 Read the Course Guide Discuss goals with your son/daughter Complete the 4 year Plan Talk to your child’s teacher to answer recommendation questions Talk to the 9 th grade counselor to answer high school questions What Do I Do Now?

28 SCHEDULING TIMELINE Students bring forms home – Feb. 16 Students return forms to Nagel – Feb. 25 Students schedule on-line at AHS – March 1-5 Verification forms mailed home – April 9 9th Grade Student Orientation – August Final day to request changes -- June 2


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