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Extending the Bill of Rights Amendments

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1 Extending the Bill of Rights Amendments 11 - 27

2 Amendment 11 States cannot be sued in federal court by one of its citizens, a citizen of another state, or by a foreign country

3 Amendment 12 Election of the President and Vice-President
Use of electoral college to use separate ballots in voting for president and vice-president

4 Amendment 13 Known as Civil War Amendment
Outlaws the practice of slavery in the United States

5 Amendment 14 Also known as Civil War Amendment
Originally meant to protect the rights of freed slaves Now protects all citizens’ life, liberty or property without due process All have equal protection under the law

6 Amendment 15 Also known as Civil War Amendment
No person shall be denied the right to vote because of race Poll taxes, literacy tests, etc. worked against Women not included

7 Amendment 16 Congress can collect income tax

8 Amendment 17 2 Senators from each state are directly elected by the people Gave people a greater voice

9 Amendment 18 Illegal to sell, manufacture, or transport alcoholic beverages “Prohibition”

10 Amendment 19 Women’s Suffrage
The right to vote cannot be denied because of gender

11 Amendment 20 “Lame-Duck” Amendment President takes office January 20th
Congress begins new term January 3rd Outgoing officials have little influence and do not accomplish much If president-elect dies before taking office, vice-president elect becomes president

12 Amendment 21 Repeals the 18th Amendment ending Prohibition
Only amendment to do this

13 Amendment 22 President cannot serve more than 2 full terms
Passed as a response to FDR’s 4 terms in office (1933 – 1945)

14 Amendment 23 Allows the citizens of the Washington D.C. to vote for president and vice president 3 presidential electors

15 Amendment 24 Prohibits the use of poll taxes in federal elections
Poll taxes used to keep low-income minorities from voting

16 Amendment 25 If the president dies or cannot lead, vice-president takes office If the vice-president dies or resigns, the president cannot appoint a replacement Subject to Congressional consent

17 Amendment 26 No one over the age of eighteen can be denied the right to vote by virtue of age

18 Amendment 27 Any pay raise Congress gives it’s members does not take effect until a new election has taken place. Proposed in 1789, passed in 1992

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