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Jim Dudukovich - Wine Tasting © UnparalleledTaste LLC - 2010 We offer “Special Tasting Thanks” to our host. Cheers!

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1 Jim Dudukovich - Wine Tasting © UnparalleledTaste LLC - 2010 We offer “Special Tasting Thanks” to our host. Cheers!

2 Trellis - Sauvignon Blanc 2010 If guessing where this came from, most would be fooled because it’s very New Zealand like in style. Color: Very light yellow or pale golden yellow. Nose and Palate: This wine is focused and intense. A refreshing acidity keeps all of the extraordinary flavors light on their feet, very juicy, and a finish that goes on forever. The flavor is tart and creamy (but mostly tart), pineapple, lemon, tangerine and pear, the mid-palate brings in a nice touch of minerality and rounded melon. The finish is dry, but yet mouthwatering. The good acidity gives the wine some length. Alcohol: 12.5% Appellation: Sonoma Valley Stock up on this for your next cocktail party it would pair well with lemon chicken.

3 Three Knights – Chardonnay 2008 This is oak forward as many of today’s California’s offerings. Oak is not a characteristic to be feared as it tastes like rich buttered popcorn. Still, heavily oaked wines often are expensive because new oak barrels which impart the most flavor are expensive. Color: A more golden yellow, clearly from the oak aging and perhaps a late(r) harvested crop. Nose and Palate: I found the nose a little restrained, but you can sense its richness. Apple, floral notes and you guessed it, some oak. Fresh apples with an oak and woody finish. Nice flavors, slightly boozy, but a sweeter wine, again, perhaps a later harvested wine. Alcohol: 13.8% Appellation: Russian River One of my top choices for a general crowd pleaser. If you are BBQ’ing this wine will go over well with what ever food you serve up.

4 Napa River- Merlot This wine has spent at least part of the last three years oak barrels and the alcohol content is surprisingly low for a Napa Merlot. Color: See-thru, shiny cherry red. Nose and Palate: The nose is interesting, some cigar box, a bit of leather, blackberry, plum and smoky bacon fat. This a nice, chewy Merlot, not fruit forward like the majority of wine in this price range. There is blackberry and raspberry, vanilla, along with a harder edge of tobacco and Christmas spice. There is a decent berry and vanilla finish. Alcohol: 12.5% (from the wines fire I expected 13.5%) Appellation: Napa County Pick up some steaks from the supermarket, grill them up and break open a bottle of Napa River Merlot and have yourself a nice, luxurious meal.

5 Montpellier Cabernet Sauvignon - California This is a soft easy-drinking Cabernet Sauvignon aged eight months in 100% American oak (assisting in the body & finish). Color: Straw Ruby-red. Nose and Palate: This wine has a brilliant hue with a complex aroma and bouquet of black cherries and plum. Rich chocolate and raspberry flavors are balanced with a hint of vanilla and spice to help provide a soft, lingering finish. Pair with beef, pasta, spicy foods, cheese, and lamb. Alcohol: 12.5% Appellation: California I recommend buying a bottle or two, and if you like it, add to your wine rack.

6 The County Fair The One Man Band Made from 80% Zinfandel and 15% Petite Sirah and 5% “other” Color: The color is a raspberry red with black highlights. Nose and Palate: The nose is blackberry, coffee with French vanilla creamer and cherry juice. It starts out with rich blackberry and blueberry, followed by black Twizzlers, coffee and black cherry. The mid palate brings in some curry spice, vanilla cream, a slight bite from the tannins and a fizzy sensation in the back of your mouth from the acidity. The finish is fairly strong and does linger. Alcohol: 14.5% Appellation: Sonoma County Zinfandel is widely planted in Sonoma County and some of the producers will add Carignane or Sangiovese, along with Petite Sirah, to their Zinfandel.

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