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Award-Winning Obsessively-Crafted High-Mountain Rum.

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1 Award-Winning Obsessively-Crafted High-Mountain Rum

2 Established in 2008 by longtime rum enthusiasts Karen and Brice Hoskin Montanya Distillers

3 Montanya Distillers produces high quality rum in Colorado's Rocky Mountains Montanya Distillers

4 Montanya rums have only four ingredients Montanya Rum Sugarcane from Hawaii (primarily Maui) Rocky Mountain spring / snowmelt water from the West Elk Mountains Proprietary yeast Tiny touch of house-made caramelized Rocky Mountain honey to enhance the natural flavors of the aged rums (added just prior to bottling)

5 Closed fermentation takes five to eight days and is carried out in Crested Butte Montanya Rum

6 Distillation occurs in an open-flame, hand- hammered Alembic copper pot still from Portugal Montanya Rum 100 gallon still

7 The rum is aged to maturity for 3 to 18 months in a Single Barrel Process Montanya Rum Freshly-decanted whiskey barrels from Stranahans in Denver, CO Oro is aged in barrels that are fresh and wet

8 Greater temperature fluctuations at altitude force more rum in and out of the barrel's oak pores Montanya Rum This results in a smoother, more flavorful spirit in less aging time

9 Aged product is filtered and a touch of caramelized honey is added to enhance the natural flavors Montanya Rum Platino rum is filtered using a coconut-husk charcoal plate filtering process which leaves the spirit clear Oro is filtered for clarity but not to remove barrel color.

10 Bottling, labeling and packaging are carried out by hand in the Crested Butte facility Montanya Rum

11 Award winning rums that taste great Montanya Rum

12 Points of difference Montanya Rum Made in America with US sourced ingredients Altitude-aged Obsessively – crafted Award winning

13 Appendix

14 Tasting & Technical Notes - Montanya Platino Appearance Clarity: Clear, no sediment., no hazing, clouding Legs: uniform, teardrop Color: Crystal clear with a faint shade of gold from aging Nose Condition: Restrained Development: Gathering momentum Character: vanilla, coconut, baking spice, toasted almond Palate Sweetness: slight Woodiness: medium Entry: Smooth Body: Silky, full, creamy Intensity: Medium Mouthfeel: Not overpowering, complex, showcasing honey, vanilla, almond, pear, spicy oak. Character: Complex notes of honey, coffee, red chili, baking spice and caramel are balanced by hints of spicy oak, with subtle flavors of toasted almond lingering through the finish. Alcohol: present but not urgent Finish: Surprisingly long and complex, extending with toasted almond, coffee, and natural spice Conclusions Quality: Gold Medal Prose: Montanya Platino opens with soft, sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut which carry through to a full flavored, creamy, medium bodied palate. Complex notes of honey, coffee, baking spice and caramel are balanced by hints of spicy oak, with subtle flavors of toasted almond lingering through the finish.

15 Tasting & Technical Notes - Montanya Oro Appearance Clarity: Clear, no sediment. Legs: Long slow Color: Gold with a hint of deep red Nose Condition: Open, forward, bold Development: Complex, accelerated Character: Mocha, roasted coffee, toffee, vanilla Palate Sweetness: Medium, honeyed Woodiness: Medium Entry: Smooth Body: Medium full Intensity: Commanding Mouthfeel: Not overpowering, rounded and extensive. Character: Complex notes of mocha, honey and roasted coffee are balanced by hints of spicy oak, with subtle flavors of toasted almond lingering through the finish. Alcohol: Emerges at the finish, harmonious Finish: Surprisingly long, complex, smooth, smoky, roasted coffee, oak Prose: Montanya Oro retains its lively golden hue and is a rich, full bodied sipping rum with layered notes of toffee, honey, mocha, vanilla and espresso on both the nose and palate. A bold note of roasted coffee appears on the slightly smoky finish.

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